What You Need To Teach Your Teen About What To Do After A Car Accident

The thought of a teenager driving is terrifying for most parents who think of their teen as irresponsible. Car accidents happen to teens for a variety of reasons including the largest one of them being distracted. Lack of driving experience can make it difficult to make a split-second decision in order to avoid an accident. The best thing that you can do as a parent is to tell your teen what to do immediately following a car accident. The following are tips that you should teach your teen to do after a car accident.

Pull The Car Off To A Safe Area

After an accident it might be a reflex to get out of the car but it is important to get the car to a safe place if it is moveable. In the case that it cannot be move it is important to be aware of surroundings as getting out of the vehicle in certain areas is much more plausible. Teach your teen that everyone gets into accidents so it is no time to panic although nearly everyone is overwhelmed in the first accident they are involved in.

Have Them Send You Their Location

You need to go to your teen if possible as they are going to be scared and this is what a parent should do. There is a chance they do not know what road they are on so have them send you their location via text message. You will also want to be there before anyone talks to your teen about the accident.

Do Not Admit Fault, Let The Officer Responding Make The Call

The last thing you want your teen to do is to be at fault for the accident they were involved in if it was not their fault. If the other party is at fault consulting a Nashville injury attorney or one in your area is wise. You do not want how long injuries will linger or the medical bills associated with this. The officer responding to the scene will talk to witnesses but allow tell your teen to take pictures as this could prove their innocence. Tire tracks can also be used to tell how fast someone was going as many accidents are caused by going over the speed limit.

You Handle The Insurance Company Afterwards

The insurance company is going to ask questions but it is important to only stick to the accident report. Admitting you were distracted or tired could lead the insurance company to try to drop the claim. If possible, handle this for your teen or at least tell them to call the next day. This will give them time to call down as being flustered could ultimately end up in your teen giving information that leads the insurance company to drop the entire family.

As you can see there are plenty of things to worry about after you have been involved in an accident for a teen. Teach them these important tips but also laminate the tips for quick access if they are simply too overwhelmed to think.

Author: Brandon Park