What Your Car Says About You

Psychologists are convinced that the kind of car you drive, and the way you drive it, can tell a lot about your psyche, personality, emotions, stability, charity, finances, and background — among other things. Even your career or profession can be deduced by the make of car you drive and the way you handle things behind the steering wheel. It sounds like a Sherlock Holmes scenario, doesn’t it? But make and model and vehicle color, the way the interior of a car is kept (clean, or otherwise), all of this gives tell-tale signs to the trained observer.

And while we’re at it, let’s take it a step further. Psychologists say that the way you drive your car can tell pedestrians, and other motorists, a lot about your personality and thought process. And that’s not even taking into account the distracted driving so many motorists flaunt nowadays with their smartphones, etc.

Lease Car UK recently surveyed a thousand drivers in Great Britain, to find out what people think makes for a bad driver, a good driver, an angry driver, or even a good-looking driver. The results are interesting, to say the least.

So what cars do bad drivers drive the most?

Respondents were asked to pick three automobile brands that bad drivers were most likely, in their experience, to drive/own. Sixty-eight percent said BMW. Probably a case of driver envy, since the price of a BMW puts it out of the range of most drivers. Next came Audi at fifty percent. And forty-seven percent of those surveyed said that the third worst drivers were those who owned a Mercedes. 

Is there a particular color that bad drivers seem to prefer?

No surprise here. Thirty-five of the respondents said it was definitely black. But surprisingly, twenty-three percent opted for red as the color of choice for roadhogs and leadfoots. Color psychologists tell us that red is associated with anger, aggressiveness, and excitement. In many Asian cultures red is the color most closely associated with death.

At what age are bad drivers the worst?

First of all, if you’re between forty-five and sixty years old you can relax — those surveyed considered that age group to be the safest. The baddest of bad drivers were pegged to be motorists between 18 and 30. Next worst, drivers over the age of sixty-one. 

Which gender is the worst at driving?

The numbers don’t lie, men. Sixty-five percent of those surveyed said that men were worse at driving than women. Of course, the survey conductors didn’t indicate how many of the thousand respondents were men, and how many were women . . . 

So far, the survey indicates that males between the ages of 18 and 30 who drive black BMWs are the worst of all drivers. So you might want to keep your eyes peeled for such scofflaws on your next jaunt.

And road rage?

Of those surveyed, sixty-nine percent plumped for BMW as the brand most likely to be involved in a road rage incident.

So drive a Mercedes if you want to be considered good looking?

42 percent of those surveyed said the best looking drivers on the road were Mercedes owners. 

I am one of those drivers!

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What Your Car Says About You