Why Are DUIs So High In The U.S.?

The majority of people worldwide recognize that drunk driving is a problem in society, but many aren’t aware of its actual prevalence. In the United States alone, there are three deaths a week attributed to drunk driving, according to NIAAA statistics. This amounts to 28 avoidable deaths each and every day.  

The same study says that nearly 90% of people aged 18 and above have sampled alcohol, and 57% of them have drunk within the last 30 days. Given this information about how much alcohol is consumed, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that driving under the influence is relatively common in the U.S.  

DUI In The U.S.   

Even though the number of people killed or arrested due to DUI has decreased, almost one-third of all traffic deaths in the U.S. are still caused by drunk driving. 

Drunk driving accounts for more deaths on the road than other crimes like homicide, rape, assault, and theft combined. Also, more than 3% of drivers confess to driving over the legal blood-alcohol limit at least once a year. Drunk driving and trying their luck not to get caught are not only risks to themselves but are a considerable risk to other people on the road. Worse still, it can result in the loss of innocent lives. As DUIs can vary depending on state, US drivers may wonder, “does a DUI affect your insurance?”

Common Reasons Why People Drive Drunk 

Some people don’t realize the consequences of drunk driving. You may not know how a DUI can impact your life. Although it’s human nature for adults to determine right from wrong, some people continue committing DUI, mostly for the reasons mentioned below: 

  1. Feeling Of Embarrassment  

Occasionally, a person may feel compelled to drive a car to prove their level of control to other people or even to themselves. Others might drive under the influence because they fear embarrassment. No one would want to admit that they’re no longer capable of driving their vehicle, especially when they have to call a friend or family member for assistance. However, this should be the time when you swallow your pride and hail a cab or call your friends, unless, of course, if you’re ready to pay for the consequences of a car accident.


Your mindset is everything. The worst thing that can happen is a catastrophic accident in which you risk your life and the lives of others. Having that momentary embarrassment because of your friend booking you a ride-hailing service is worth it at the end of the day when you return home safe and sound.  

  1. Impaired Judgement  

Most people think drugs or alcohol will not impair them, so they still believe they’re completely sober. Intoxication alters the mind. At first, your physical limitations may not be apparent, or it would be hard for you to judge how drunk you are. Youthful drivers and amateur drinkers are especially at risk, but it’s also a factor for older adults, no matter how long they’ve had their licenses. At this point, no one’s exempted from such a rule. When intoxicated, everyone should pass on driving.   

  1. Feeling Of Invincibility  

Choosing to drink and drive is associated with bad judgment as well as a false sense of security. Even though nearly half a million people drive while intoxicated each day, fewer than 5,000 people are arrested for drunk driving daily. If you’ve been driving drunk before without incident, you may feel invincible when you find yourself in the situation again. Your mind will feed you with ideas that nothing will happen because you’ve gotten away with it each time. 

This kind of behavior will, of course, lead to grave consequences. Intoxicated driving is a severe offense, whether it’s your first or nth time. It’s not justified to do it even once simply because you highly believe you won’t get caught. Your confidence may lead you to ruin your own life and the life of others.  

  1. Money Issues  

The cost of a ride home may be prohibitive for some individuals. That thought may make sense if you’re tight on cash. However, you have to think smart and realize what will happen after getting a DUI. Imagine how much cheaper a taxi is than hiring a DUI lawyer. Here are some ways to be ready for such a situation: 

  • If you’re planning to drink a lot and you’re unable to drive, make sure you’ve at least prepared some cash for a taxi later.  
  • Make a bank transfer, and withdraw cash from an ATM. 
  • Whenever you’re under the influence, put your purchases on hold if you’re worried about transportation costs after your drinking party.  


People don’t always realize the danger of driving under the influence. It’s best to learn from the testimonies and stories of others who experienced DUI. Many drivers are unaware that they can have only a certain number of drinks before becoming legally impaired. In reality, even one drink can make a driver intoxicated enough to not drive safely.  

The factors listed above are the real reasons why there are many DUI cases in the United States. The need for increasing public awareness about the dangers of driving under the influence is crucial to saving lives.  

Author: June McGown