Why Buying A Car Is Better Than Leasing One

While many people seem to be happy to lease a car, they could be missing out. Buying a car comes with many advantages. However, these advantages are not always clear. This is especially the case when it comes to comparing buying a car to leasing one.

Let’s take a look at exactly how buying a car is better than leasing one:

There’s More Flexibility

Most leased cars come with mile limitations. For example, leased cars may come with a 12,000 – 15,000 a year mile limit.

This is not ideal if someone were to typically cover more miles than this. While most drivers average 13,500 miles a year, many cover a lot more ground.

When leasing a car, the person driving the vehicle will need to make sure that they stick to that limit.

Buying a car means that there’s a lot of freedom to drive as and when is required. Drivers can get behind the wheel when it’s convenient for them.

Buying a Car Can be Cheaper

In the long run, buying a car can be cheaper than leasing one. There are fewer hidden costs and there are no excess fees to pay for damages.

The Car Can Be Customized

Leased cars cannot be customized. In other words, the car will have to stay the same. However, a purchased car can be completely customized.

Drivers can:

  • Fit their desired brand of tires, and even had huge tires, should they wish to
  • Buy a Land Rover extended warranty to further protect the vehicle
  • Paint the vehicle, add some car wrapping, and make the car stand out
  • Add logos and wording all around the car to advertise a business
  • Change the lights to make them brighter or a different color
  • Install a roof so that it can open up when the weather’s good
  • Add a personalized license plate
  • Change the car’s pedals so they’re brighter
  • Install LED floor lights

There are so many things that car owners can do to their vehicle when they own it. Leasing a car will mean they don’t have the freedom to do these things. In other words, they are stuck driving a car that’s the same as thousands of others.

There Are Fewer Complications

Leasing a car can be a complicated affair. The contracts can be very long and hard to understand. Even those who lease cars out may not understand the contract’s wording.

Buying a car comes with far fewer complications. It’s a relatively straightforward process that may take less time.

As soon as the car has been purchased it can be driven away. The driver can do what they please with it.

As you can see, buying a car is a far better option than leasing one. Buyers can use the car as much or as little as they wish. Additionally, they can sell the car when they want. If you can, consider buying a car so you have more freedom.

Author: Brandon Park