Why SEO Still Matter for A Brand In 2020

SEO is the process of making your site appear higher in search engine results such as Google. Search engine research requires the understanding of the constantly changing search engine algorithms, and due to this, more website owners have little understanding of what it takes to have their contents rank higher in the search engines. If you are wonder if SEO would be valuable to your business, contact Joel House SEO Sydney to explain why you should utilize SEO in your marketing campaign.

SEO is still very much important in 2020, even though several methods and practices have changed over the years. For instance, the update of Google’s 2019 BERT forced SEO experts to focus more on optimizing their content based on the user’s search intent rather than the standard keywords. Businesses still need to focus on SEO, but they will need to adapt to the ever-changing landscape. Here are some of the reasons why SEO still matters for your brand in 2020.

  1. Brand Reach and Authority

According to a survey, 84 percent of the millennial claim they don’t like advertising. Today’s generations of shoppers are becoming more defiant to traditional marketing tactics like email spam, cold calling, and paid ads. However, with SEO, your business can reach these shoppers that are already looking for brands. SEO functions as a type of inbound marketing that attracts clients to its business rather than intruding on their normal search with pushy sales tactics.

In addition, a business can broaden its brand’s reach by implementing long-tail keywords, as this further draws in highly targeted traffic. When you are ranking for comparative keywords or question-based keywords, you can establish your brand as an authority on a position or topic.

Furthermore, you have a significant potential to rank for descriptive keywords that attract a wider audience. For instance, broad terms like “budget travel guidelines” or “digital marketing tactics” may be very competitive; however, the terms also get a more significant number of searches monthly. As a brand gain momentum in terms of traffic and rankings from targeting long-tail keywords, they can start targeting wider terms that have the potential to generate higher traffic.

2. Customer Acquisition for Local Businesses

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is still one of the most effective client acquisition tactics for local businesses. And one of the best ways to bring customers to your website is to outrank your local competitors, and with local SEO, you can reach your target audience by targeting those that are searching for the kind of service or product you offer in your local area.

Google designs its search results to your geographic area, so your site can rule the local search results for your industry if you optimize correctly. You can start by optimizing your local business site with local keywords, completing your GMB profile, gathering positive reviews, and running backlink outreach to increase your brand visibility in local search.

3. BERT and User-Focused Optimization

In late 2019, Google updated its BERT algorithm, and this shows marketers that the company is getting better at understanding the reason for users’ searches and the intent behind the search. What this means is that sites that post content that is related to what their audience is searching for will be given greater priority. The goal is to concentrate on the intention behind your audience search, and not how usually you use a particular keyword in your content.

Try to develop content that is optimized to answer your audience questions and offer as much significance as possible. This update is important for business owners and bloggers who depend on organic traffic when it comes to attracting traffic, generating leads, sales, and ad revenue. To maximize generating higher traffic, create optimized content that matches what your user’s search intent, and offer more value than the current ranking pages.

4. E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness)

Google will continue to look at the overall expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness of a particular company and those that post content on behalf of this company. Your company will have a hard time competing if it’s struggling with poor customer service, reputation, or other trust problems. These trust issues don’t only manifest as feedback and reviews about your business, but also takes the form of security or technical problems on your website.

Today, it is more important to concentrate on the trust value of publishers and websites as a whole. All the offline partnerships, events, awards, etc. that cannot be seen by Google suddenly take on massive importance.

Now is the time to put them online to feeds Google’s need for credibility and understanding. Some of the ways you can have a competitive advantage include supply chain excellence, customer service, digital branding, user experience, price, and niche products.

5. Adopt a Multi-Channel Approach

It is also important that you don’t put all your eggs in one basket when it comes to marketing. Relying on one source of traffic to drive people to your site could put your business at risk if it happens that the channel becomes irrelevant. Google’s organic search will still be around for a very long time, so you will do well to use search engine optimization alongside current traffic channels.

When you take a multi-channel approach, you can still generate results from your recent campaigns while also adopting new streams of leads. Though SEO is not a strategy that you set and forget, it still has the potential to generate leads and traffic on autopilot. SEO can easily be outsourced, so you can attract higher traffic while still focusing on your primary marketing channels.


While SEO strategies are ever-changing, it is here to stay in 2020. If you want to increase your chance of appearing at the top of the search results, you need to undertake the right SEO strategy like the ones described above. SEO is a great investment that will get you reliable, long-term traffic that leads to more sales and loyal customers.

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Why SEO Still Matter for A Brand In 2020