Why Should Startups Use Software Development Outsourcing?


To outsource, or not to outsource, software development services? That is the question that has no clear answer. Many successful companies hire offshore development team while others prefer having in-house developers. Yet startups often choose to outsource app development services instead of hiring own developers.

With high-speed Internet and remote collaboration tools, developers can be all around the world. Nowadays there is no need of locating within one office, one country, or even one continent. There are no geographical limitations, and companies aren’t restricted to hiring only local developers anymore. Startups can hire highly-motivated and skilled developers with the most appropriate expertise and at the best price from all over the world.

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Startups, as well as emerging businesses, differ from well-established companies and enterprises. A startup is based on a great idea and consists of dedicated people trying to bring it to life. Often startups are short of funds, and they’re always looking for the ways to spin out money. And outsourcing becomes a lucrative opportunity to get high-quality services at a reasonable price especially when it comes to app development services.

However, not all developers are eager to work for the sake of future success. That’s a challenge to find developers with the right expertise and passionate about a new business startup unless they are startup owners.

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Though many business owners believe that having a team of in-house developers is the only right way to get an app developed, we think otherwise. Here are the top reasons why it’s better to outsource app development services for startups.

Why Should Startups Opt. For Outsourcing Software Development?

More human and financial to focus on the core business goals

By outsourcing some functions, companies can spend more time as well as resources on the key business needs instead of taking up additional services such as app development or business analytics, etc. And investing in the core business needs is especially important in the early years of any startup regardless of the industry.

Entrepreneurs can only benefit from outsourcing repetitive and redundant tasks since they get more time and resources to grow their business.

Cost-Efficient Decision

According to Quartz’s reports, nearly a half of startups fail because of running out of cash. Thus outsourcing is a great way to save some money for business development. There’s no need of hiring locals at a much higher price since there’re developers with the same or higher expertise but at a reasonable price.

For example, Ukrainian developers are known for high-quality app development services at a fair price. While outsourcing in Ukraine, international companies can save up a pretty penny and get top-notch services.

And a lower price is probably one of the primary reasons why startups decide to outsource. It allows getting the work done for a fraction of the price when compared to in-house services.

Unmatched Efficiency and Productivity

Outsourcing some parts of the work improves the overall efficiency of business operations. If a business becomes more efficient, it starts bringing grist to the mill. And outsourcing opens the door to more significant expansion and new worthwhile ideas.

Supreme Flexibility

A person that works at an outsourcing company gets to work on various products utilizing cutting-edge technologies and the latest innovations to deliver a top-quality product. Thus outsourcing developers are more flexible and experienced when compared to in-house developers working on the same project for years.

Close-Knit App Development Team

As a rule, newcomers need some time to get acquainted and used to the team. It may take up to 100 hours (up to two weeks) for a newcomer to blend into the team. And such an adaptation period results in the money loss. And since most of the startups have a limited budget, this issue is crucial.

And while outsourcing, a company gets a dedicated team of developers that have been working together for a long time. Thus they are more productive, and a company doesn’t have to pay for the adaptation.

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Low prices are the decisive factors when it comes to outsourcing.

But along with low prices, outsourcing offers considerable benefits allowing startups to concentrate on expanding their business, to save up financial and human resources for the core business needs, to get a top-quality software product for a fair price, etc.

To outsource or not to outsource? That’s the question that now you can answer – definitely to outsource. Don’t know where to find your outsourcing partner?

Just contact us, and we’ll build an app for your startup.

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Why Should Startups Use Software Development Outsourcing?