Why You Need a Commercial Roadside Assistance Plan to Run Your Business

Many businesses involve the use of commercial vehicles that runs with the risk of being stranded which may endanger the employee’s safety and can create a financial loss. If you are a business owner whose business relies on such commercial vehicles, then looking into Commercial Roadside Assistance plans is unavoidable as it reduces these risks and provides several benefits as discussed below;

Roadside Repairs for Mechanical Failure:

Mechanical breakdown is something you cannot predict beforehand and can happen at any point in time. As commercial vehicles travel long distances through highways, breaking down in a deserted road can become a hazard to the employee as well as your product that is being transported. A good commercial roadside assistance plan covers such scenarios and also, they are able to do minor roadside repairs whenever the vehicle breaks down so that the vehicle can be fixed quickly to resume its journey.


Sometimes it is not possible to repair the vehicle roadside and needs extensive repair work done. The commercial roadside service plans usually cover towing within a set range and that too free of charge hence your vehicle will be towed to a garage for further repair.

Flat Tires:

Who does not experience a flat tire? This is quite common hence the vehicles should always have a spare tire but even so, changing tires of large vehicles on the roadside is not a one-person’s job hence your commercial roadside service provider can send assistance to help you do the same and if you are not carrying a spare, then they will tow your vehicle to the nearest garage to get the tires changes.

Jump Starts During Battery Failure:

Battery failure is another common issue where the vehicle does not start and needs to be charged. If you have opted for the right commercial roadside service plan, they will send a vehicle at your location to give your vehicle a jump start so that the driver of your vehicle can drive safely to a mechanic to have the battery checked and replaced if needed.

Delivering Fuel, Oil or Water:

If the driver is stuck without fuel, oil or water, the vehicle cannot be moved without their supply. If you choose the right commercial roadside assistance plan, they deliver emergency supplies of oil, fuel or water to the location where the vehicle is stranded to get it started and running in no time.

Vehicle Lockouts:

It may sound silly but one of the most common calls for roadside assistance is of vehicle lockouts. Most commercial roadside assistance plans have this service included but if your plan does not then get it added to ensure that the vehicle can get back on the road quickly if such an incidence occurs.

Prevention is better than handling a situation and breakdowns can occur anytime hence opting for a commercial roadside assistance plan that covers you in case of such emergencies is absolutely essential as it is beneficial for your business and gives you and your employees better peace of mind.

Author: Brandon Park