Window Well Safety Tips

If your house has window wells, you probably have already invested in window well covers for them, or are seriously considering making that investment very soon. Window well covers are convenient, easy to install, inexpensive, and are recommended to keep leaves and other debris from piling up inside a window well. “They also are a good insulating device, helping to keep basements warm in the winter and cool in the summer, as well as helping to keep unwanted moisture out from heavy rains or accumulated snow,” according to the¬†best window well covers Utah experts.

Most window wells are made out of plexiglass and are very lightweight. This can pose a problem if you have inquisitive pets or small children in your home. Cats especially seem to like getting under a window well cover on a sunny day to soak up the sun. And toddlers have been known to lift up window well covers so they can crawl into the window well as a hidey hole, or just out of plain curiosity.

The danger of these actions is that many window wells are so well fitted that they create a seal when they are properly in place, so they create a semi-vacuum. This can lead to respiratory distress in both animals and children if they are trapped inside a window well.

To prevent this from happening, always secure window wells with screws that are difficult to remove.

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Window Well Safety Tips