Windscreen Glass Care Tips

The vast majority of car owners understand the need for proper and regular care maintenance. However, many forget or simply neglect to include the windscreen as part of their regular maintenance and periodic checkups. However, this is wrong as it is necessary for the vehicle to remain in good working condition all round. Additionally, it helps car owner keep out of trouble emanating from safety issues.

Furthermore, windscreen maintenance is not a complex task. You can handle it on your own at home. Herein are the windscreen tips to use to help keep your windscreen in good working order.


The first bit is to recognize the important role of the windscreen. The windscreen is designed and meant to protect the driver and other occupants from incoming wind and other particles. This enables drivers to have clear visibility of the road unimpeded, thereby seeing a long distance ahead. Furthermore, it holds the roof in place and prevents it from crumbling, if the car was to fall over.

That said, the first windscreen maintenance tip is to keep it clean. As mentioned the windscreen protects the occupants of the vehicles from particles. As such, the particles accumulate on the windscreen slowing but surely. This negatively impacts visibility. Additionally, it also negatively impacts the aesthetics of the car.

Cleaning the windscreen should not be a hassle. To clean, simply start with the interior of the windscreen. To start, clean the entire interior surface of the screen with a dry microfiber cloth. Thereafter, spray the entire windscreen with a car glass cleaner. Now flip the cloth and diligently wipe the entire screen with the cleaning side.

Thereafter, change the cloth and repeat the procedure, wiping the entire screen properly. If you need to apply more cleaner, do so and use a tidy cloth to clean. Finally, wipe the screen with a dry cloth.

On the exterior side of the windscreen, start off by cleaning the windscreen with a tidy piece of cloth suggest Mark’s mobile glass, who provide services in auto glass in Springfield MO. Spray auto glass cleaner and clean with a piece of cloth and then hose the screen. Thereafter, soak the screen with a layer of water using a wet cloth. You can also do this on the interior part of the screen in preparation of the final step. Finally, pour a few drops of white vinegar on a clean microfiber cloth and diligently wipe both sides. This will leave your screen sparkling clean.

Aside from regular cleaning, you need to keep an eye out for small cracks. These can be lethal for occupants. Therefore, as soon as you notice one, visit a repair shop immediately for repairs. With these simple and effective windscreen maintenance tips, you care for your car comprehensively.

Author: Brandon Park