Wonderful SUVs For City Driving

Living in a city and doing a lot of driving does not mean that you cannot own an SUV. Every single one that is presented below is recommended by What Is SUV as great opportunities for all city dwellers. These basically offer what city drivers look for in SUVs: a smaller size, ground clearance, nimbleness and practicality.

Ford Escape

The interior is generous and you will have plenty of seat room, together with cargo space that is more than what most of the competition offers. The powertrains available are numerous so you can easily locate the one that is the best for you. Top that off with a really long available features list including rear cross-traffic alert and you are faced with a wonderful SUV for city driving. All this is available at the starting price of $24,000. It is more than different rivals but the base level Ford Escape will include more than most other SUVs.

Jeep Cherokee

In 2014 we saw the debut of the Jeep Cherokee and it was a hit from the start but a 2017 version is buzzworthy. The initial starting price is $25,000 but does offer much more advanced features than many expect. This does include a nine speed automatic transmission, a very strong Vv6 engine and the classic off-road capabilities we do expect from a Jeep SUV. City drivers will appreciate the infotainment system and fuel economy is quite strong with 22 miles per gallon while driving in high traffic.

Honda CR-V

Many do not know this but Honda CR-V was created with the city driver in mind. You will not have access to a strong V6 engine that is great on highway use. What you get is a 4 cylinder engine that is really fuel efficient. The cargo space is more than enough for most people at 71 cubic feet and the size is definitely appropriate. Parking is easy and the base price is around $24,500. Buyers are mostly highly satisfied with higher premium offered.

Mazda CX-5

Mazda CX-5 is a favorite among many buyers in various sectors. It is really nimble, has high fuel efficiency and seems to be quite great for city life chores. What buyers particularly like is the handling since it is carlike. At the same time, there are various efficient engines you can choose from, many offering close to 30 miles per gallon while driving in the city. If you take a look at the long safety features list you will be impressed and given what is offered, pricing is highly reasonable. Starting price is $23,000.

Kia Sportage

Kia Sportage is a really good crossover that is really good for eager city shoppers interested in SUV practicality and car driving characteristics. Size is really low when looking at most compact cars like Toyota Corolla or Ford Focus. At the same time, fuel economy is 21 miles per gallon and the standard 182 hp engine is good enough for many shoppers. Base price is really similar to the other models mentioned above but practicality can be seen as higher, which is very important for the really busy cities.

Author: Brandon Park