Yacht Ownership: What you Need to Know

If you and your partner have developed a love of sailing and you are ready to own your very first yacht, there is a lot to take onboard. First you should crunch the numbers and calculate how much you are prepared to invest in a vessel, and let’s not forget the maintenance, mooring and other running costs that come hand in hand with yacht ownership.

Maintenance & Upkeep

It is essential that you are fully aware of all the costs involved in maintaining a yacht, which are considerable, and if you are fine with the running and maintenance costs, you should enquire with the yacht broker about maintenance and care for the vessel, as they would likely offer a comprehensive yacht care service.


Of course, you will need a secure place to moor your yacht when not in use, and a Google search would help you locate a company Like Simpson Marine, who are premier yacht brokers who offer a comprehensive range of services from mooring to repairs and crewing the vessel. The yacht broker is the person to talk to when you are ready to make a purchase, as they would have access to a wide range of vessels and would be able to find the perfect yacht that best meets your needs.

Maintenance Tasks

For a 40ft or longer yacht, the following would be essential:

  • Weekly clean – The vessel would be cleaned inside and out every week, with extra preparation when the yacht is going to sea, and a crew of 3-4 can do this in a single day.
  • Cleaning Under the Water Line – Typically carried out by a diver, who removes all barnacles from the hull below the water line, and this would be done once a month.
  • Waxing the Boat – Normally done every quarter, waxing involves all surface above the water line, and the wax helps to protect the surfaces from salt, sunlight and seawater.
  • Systems Check – Regardless of the size of the yacht, there are systems that need to be checked to ensure a pleasant boating experience. Air-conditioning, pumps, exhaust, air filtration, navigation, batteries and lubrication. If the boat is regularly in use, the system check should be a weekly thing, while once a month is recommended for moored vessels. You should always carry out a systems check prior to going to sea, for obvious reasons.
  • Annual Motor and Drive Maintenance – As with all other types of engine, the inboard motor needs an annual service, with any suspect components replaced, while also replacing the engine oil and filtration. If you would like to build muscle mass, here is a good article with a few tips.

Vessel Warranty

If you are buying a yacht through a reputable broker, they would offer you some form of warranty, especially on the structural integrity and the engine, and what’s more, the broker will be able to give you the full history of the yacht, from its creation to the present day. Here is a government website all about boat ownership, which is a must read for first time buyers.

Sourcing a Yacht Broker

If you are sure that you can afford the upkeep and you have a firm budget in mind, the next step is to contact a reputable yacht broker. A Google search will bring up a list of yacht brokers and with some browsing, you will find one that is both established and has a good name within the industry.

Author: Manager