Ranking the 10 Best Sedan Cars Ever Made

There are many elements to ranking the best Sedan cars ever made, this of course depends on what drives you to fall in love with a car. 

We have made life easy and completed the hard work. The fun stuff is yours to relax, read, and enjoy.

What is a Sedan?

What do you envisage when you think of a Sedan?. Is the first image in your mind, a large comfortable 4 door saloon, or the new breed of sports coupe sedan?

You have to go back to ancient Latin for the first mention of the interpretation of the word “sedan”. It is taken from the Latin word “Sedere”, which is universally translated as being “to sit”. 

A great example is the Sedan chair, which can be associated with a smoother, more comfortable ride than a Horse and Cart.

Ultimately a Sedan is about comfort and a smooth ride that makes getting from A to B a relaxing experience.

What makes a great Sedan

A lot of aspects to consider and many possible answers. Are your priorities comfort and a high-end spacious interior, or are you more Sports inclined where nimble handing and power will set your blood racing.

It could be safety? or possibly reliability? as those funky extra features wane in importance once the engine stops running.

We have carefully chosen our list with a mixture of features in mind. We evaluated the size and price of the vehicle and those that have a reputation for reliability or superb comfort

There will be some that did not make the list, but overall we feel we have featured the ultimate top 10 sedan list.

10) Tesla Model 3 – Without question, the leader of the electric vehicle revolution. Not only is the Model 3 Tesla’s bestseller, but it also happens to be their biggest selling electric plug-in vehicle. With a strong range of up to 240 miles it is easy to see why Tesla appears on our list.

9) Honda Accura / Legend – Honda was a relatively late starter in the luxury car field. In fact, it wasn’t until the late 80’s that the Japanese giant started to play ball. These inexpensive economy cars are driven by families, business people both young and old alike.

8) Subaru Legacy – Subaru can’t claim that they re-invented the wheel, but what they have done is they have shown they can produce their own iconic vehicle. A rarity in the sedan field as it was the first and still remains one of the few to have standard all-wheel-drive across the range.

7) Ford Taurus – Probably not Ford Motor Company’s most exciting car to drive, but well worthy of appearing on our list. A staple vehicle on American roads for many a long year, the Taurus delivers by offering something to please every type of driver.

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6) VW Passat – Easily one of the German carmakers biggest sellers. The giant Passat oozes comfort and refinement across every grade. Unusually VW haven’t traded interior build quality over value for money.

5) Toyota Camry – The Camry is somewhat of an iconic vehicle that still sells in big numbers, competing mainly with the likes of the Honda Accord (featured next). Some people see it as a little on the boring side; however, that hasn’t stopped a rather large volume of people from purchasing the Toyota model.

4) Honda Accord – If you are into Japanese saloon cars then there isn’t much better than the Accord. Power, luxury, and refinement are all traits of this large family saloon car. Higher-end models are packed with features that others find hard to equip.

3) Chevvy Impala – The Impala is easily one of the most iconic of all sedans and has become a cultural icon. Watch most American TV series and you can expect to see the legendary Impala at some point or another, such is the regard it is held in.

2) Ford Escort – The European Ford escort was adored by almost everyone, from rally drivers through to families. The Escort remains Fords best ever selling sedan. This takes some beating, considering it is years since they stopped producing the model.

  • BMW 3 Series – No self-respecting sedan list could be complete without the BMW 3 Series. It is BMW’s biggest selling car for a very good reason. Designed with complete precision and with the driver at the forefront on the engineer’s minds, the 3 Series remains the car to beat when it comes to sedans.

We hope that you have enjoyed reading our top ten all-time best sedans. Perhaps you have owned one of these in your time, its almost certain that you will have enjoyed driving one or more of our top 10.

Author: Brandon Park