Your must-knows on motorcycle insurance purchase – riding safely

Whether you have recently become a motorcycle owner and are looking over insurance policies for the first time, or you have been riding for years, getting the right level of coverage remains equally confusing. Being able to ride with peace of mind, knowing you are covered against potential road occurrences certainly influences your entire experience on the road. With numerous accidents involving riders happening on the roads regularly, getting the ideal type of insurance becomes a priority you cannot overlook. The policies available can differ significantly depending on a wide range of factors, and if you wish to benefit from an affordable buy, but at the same time have the level of coverage desired, having some considerations in mind will be necessary. Gaining a few insights on the matter first, and researching the topic with care can make all the difference, and the following details remain the most relevant to consider:

Advance your riding

Start by thinking about the possibility of advancing your riding skills and obtaining a certificate that proves that. Advanced riders benefit from even a 5 percent discount on premiums which long-term speaking, can be a lot of money. There are various tests and rider courses available that will help you perfect your skills and gain the proof required for discounted policies. If you go with this opportunity your will access two major advantages, improved skills (and thus a more pleasant riding experience) and lower policy costs, so if you have a bit of free time on your hands, there’s no reason not to give this option some thought.

Roadside and personal assistance

Dealing with a mechanical problem or any other issue that keeps your motorcycle immobilised somewhere on the road can be quite an inconvenience. There are policies that allow you to access 24/7 assistance in scenarios of this kind. Unlimited callouts for personal assistance are also a possible policy feature you could opt for – when you are left unable to ride your bike do to a personal injury, someone will be sent out to help you.

Helmet and riding gear

Being repaid under your motorcycle insurance policy for the helmet and riding gear damage that may have occurred following an accident isn’t always a given. So if this is a coverage characteristic you are interested in, be sure to ask your Insurer for a policy that will include helmet and riding gear accidental damage costs as well.  Cover between Insurers does vary quite a bit and each Insurer offers different limits. For example, United States based Insurer American Modern (AMIG), limits its helmet cover to $400 per helmet, where as a well-known Australian Motorcycle based insurer, Swann Insurance offers a limit of up to $1,000 per helmet. It’s always best practice to check the policy coverage before purchasing motorcycle insurance to make sure you are adequately covered and comfortable with the policy limits.

Compare between insurers

The price and level of coverage obtained can often depend solely on the insurance company you have chosen. Some insurers might provide you with more policy benefits at the same price asked by other for a more limited package. Comparing the wide range of companies available on the market becomes one of the most important steps you need to take. Get acquainted with different insurers and find out what type of benefits they include in their policies. Accepting the first offer you come across can often be tempting, especially if this is your first policy purchase and you are eager to get your bike on the road, but rushing into a decision might lead to paying unnecessary costs. Compare between insurers, and see which deals are the most appealing. However, keep in mind that cheap isn’t always best. Make sure the policy included exactly the coverage details you desire and brings more to the table than just the basic financial protection characteristics. You should also buy your policy from a company that has been in business for at least several years. Do some background research on the insurer you have eyed before deciding to get your policy from them – this will save you from potential inconveniences.

Monthly repayment possibilities

If you wish to benefit from extra financial convenience think about the possibility of choosing a Pay By the Month repayment possibility as well. While for some it might be easy to pay the entire price of a year-round policy, for others this may not be financially advantageous, so this is where this alternative comes in handy. There are companies that give you the opportunity to access to monthly repayments, which means spreading the costs you have to pay over a one year period.

Check your kilometres

When you aren’t the type of motorcycle rider who uses the bike on a daily basis, your kilometres can help you reduce your premium fees. The fewer miles you spend on the road, the lower your premium costs can get. Do some calculations on the matter and discuss with the insurance company about this particular detail to see if a discount is obtainable.

Multi-bike ownership

If you have been a passionate rider for quite some time now, you might have in your garage more than just one motorcycle. Because each one of the bikes used needs to be properly insured, the overall costs you will be faced with can be expensive. What you can however do, as a multi-bike owner is finding an insurer that give you the possibility of benefiting from a customised policy that suits your ownership status. You may be able to access a considerable discount, if you decide to cover them all under the same policy. This comes as a great solution when you have a multi-bike collection ad have started to worry about the large amount of money you have to pay on insurance monthly or yearly

As a motorcycle rider, it’s essential to follow all means of precautions in order to avoid a potential incident on the road. Considering the fact that you are a bit more exposed than a car driver, riding safely should become your number one priority. However, because accidents cannot always be prevented, being covered in the eventuality of an incident occurring is advised. But once you discover just how many policies are available on the market nowadays, it may seem difficult to make a choice and this is when you need to use the pointers suggested above. With some clear guidelines in mind, you’ll manage investing money in a policy that meets your demands perfectly.  

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Your must-knows on motorcycle insurance purchase – riding safely