10 Great Tech Upgrades For Your Car

Does your car need an upgrade? Do you feel boredom because of your car? Do you want a dramatic and thrilling ride? You want to infuse up the latest technology to turn your vehicle into a brand new one.

No worries. We have got some very good ideas for your car. Adding these spices in your vehicle will spice your life up too. Following are some gadgets with which you can easily upgrade the vehicle.

1. LCD 

Get LCD screen installed at the back seats for the people sitting at the back. And a main screen at the front. LCD with Bluetooth will be a plus. You will be able to play any serial, movie, or drama and be able to watch them through-out your journey. 

None of you will get bored. However, safety must be taken while you’re driving alone and the LCD shouldn’t be switched on as it may divert your attention. 

2. Rear-view Cameras 

Nowadays accidents have become a daily part of our lives. While reversing the car, you cannot see at the back properly and may hit anyone or any other vehicle which can be dangerous for you too. 

By installing rearview cameras, you can easily reverse the car without any fear as you can see the background activities in the LCD present in front of you.

3. Tracker 

A tracker is one of the finest gadgets among all. It lessens the chances of your car being stolen. 

As soon as the car starts, you get the notification and can easily ask the tracking person to stop the car. The system lets you turn the car off without the key because of the system installed in it. 

4. Woofers

To add up to the volume of the speakers, get a mono amplifier installed in your car. A mono amplifier is enough for a single person driving a car. For a big group of people get a simple amplifier, also known as woofers. 

5. Dock

A dock helps you hang your phone on the window screen of your car, and you can very easily use it for attending any call or texting back a message. 

While driving, it becomes very difficult to use a phone. The dock helps to keep your phone from falling or breaking.

6. Alarm system

An alarm system helps you keep your car safe. If someone tries to break into the car without having the key. The alarm turns on at once, and you get alert. 

This way, your car cannot be stolen. In case you are trying to unlock the car; you need to unlock it properly to avoid the alarm from turning on.

7.  Wireless charging hub

A charging hub is always necessary if you have to go somewhere. Often it happens you leave in a hurry, and your phone, tab or laptop isn’t charged.  

The wireless charging hub is a life savior in such a case. You can charge your gadgets while driving and use them tension free at your desired destination.

8. Diagnostic reader

The weather is something that cannot be trusted with a blind eye. It can change in no time and turn into a disaster later on. 

For such situations, a diagnostic reader should always be installed in a car. So you can check on the weather forecast to know if you can travel further or not. This helps you in saving your life on time.

9.  GPS

A smart start pro gives you control over your car from far of places too. With the help of the app, it will tell you the location, its speed. It will alert you if the car moves without your permission. Or the doors get unlocked and much more. You cannot install it by yourself. It can only be installed by a pro who knows every single detail of this all. 

10. Getting a new paint job 

Tired of the color, your car has already got? Upgrade the paint. Choose the paint according to the color of the interior you have already set. There is a variety of combination. Light color seats carry a dark shade of paint of the car. And the dark color of seats carries a lighter shade of the car. People go for many other combinations, but this one resides in the sober category.

These additions to the vehicle can turn any old and worn out car into brand new. And you can rock the floor of your car. Some of these might be a little hefty on the pocket however, most you can buy quite easily. 

Therefore, change your driving experience altogether by acquiring these tech upgrades. It’s certainly worth the investment!   

Author: elli schmitt