Car Safety Checks For Your Next Winter Trip

If you want to leave this holiday season on a car trip it is important to plan ahead. Obviously, the best thing you could do is talk to a professional. When you need plumbing help, you hire a plumber Geelong specialist. Similarly, when you want to get the car checked, you should go to an auto repair shop. 

Fortunately, the good news is that even if you cannot go to a car mechanic, you can still go through some safety checks yourself. Here are those that are really simple and you should do. 

Inspect The Windshield Wipers

Having damaged windshield wipers reduces visibility. It leads to driving conditions that are potentially dangerous. This is especially the case when the weather is harsh. 

Car wipers have to be in a very good condition and need to operate properly. When they streak across windshields or there are blades that are worn, replacements are necessary. 

Another thing that is very important is to top off the windshield washer fluid. This makes your wipers perform exactly as they should when the weather is wintery. 

Test The Defrosters

If you have vehicle defrosters that do not work properly, ice and snow build up on mirrors and windows. Visibility is hindered. If mirror and window defrosters do not operate exactly as they should, troubleshoot this problem. 

Correctly Install Floor Mats

If the driver floor mat is not properly installed, it can interfere with vehicle operation features like the clutch, accelerator and brake pedal. In order to minimize this risk, you want to use just the floor maters that are appropriately sized. The goal is to be sure that the fit is good for the vehicle. Retention clips can be used when the mat does not stay in place. 

Check Tire Pressure

Having an appropriate tire pressure maximizes the fuel efficiency of the vehicle while also increasing stability. Tire pressure is very important since it reduces flat blowout or tire risk, which is very important for the wintery, long drive. 

Before going on a winter trip, check every single tire, including the spare tire. Check the owner’s manual since it lists exactly what inflation pressure is recommended. 

Remember that when temperatures drop, tire pressure also drops. Periodically check tires and be sure that readings are accurate. 

Verify Tire Tread

A winter holiday road is on average 275 miles long. It can be a road trip or not. In both cases you have to be sure that tires are ready for this long journey. Tire tread should be a sixteenth of an inch or more. When this is not the case, hydroplaning risk increases while car traction ability diminishes, just like breaking. 

Check Lights And Signals

Do a walk around the vehicle to check the taillights, turn signals, brake lights, hazard lights and headlights. They have to work properly for you to be safe on a winter long trip. All lights have to be free of debris. When on the trip, be sure to also clean them to remove built-up dirt, ice and snow.

Author: elli schmitt