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California, Here We Come!

It’s official; with your support, ridesharing made history today. The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) made a landmark decision that gives rideshare the green light once and for all!

One year ago, the CPUC was taking steps to shut us down. We knew this idea of bringing people together to solve a problem like transportation would be met with resistance. But we, alongside thousands of you, held firm in our conviction that transportation is too important not to innovate. So, today we have a new transportation category — the first in 16 years! — and a new set of rules that will allow rideshare to flourish in California. This new roadmap will pave the way for transportation innovation nationwide.

It’s time to accelerate

The CPUC’s decision makes it clear there will be ONE set of rules for rideshare across the entire state of California. Thumbs up from the CPUC means we’re now putting our foot to the pedal. Two weeks ago we quietly launched in San Diego, Long Beach and Oakland, and these communities have already taken off. Next up: Sidecar everywhere in California by the end of the year.

In 2014, all Californians will have access to a transportation option that is convenient, affordable and better for their cities. To help spread rideshare across the state we’ve been busier than ever refining our app. Today we are launching a new feature that will make it possible for everyone in California to be a Sidecar driver and begin ridesharing.

Our new matching algorithm, “Dropoff Area,” makes it easier than ever for everyday drivers to share the cost of their ride with a passenger and meet someone awesome, all while going about their everyday business. This will result in more drivers on the road to meet demand and faster response to ride requests. “Dropoff Area” allows a driver to filter ride requests to a specific drop-off location or area.

For example, if you’re commuting into San Francisco from the peninsula, you can set your filter to only accept rides that end near your work. If you’re heading from Pacific Beach to cheer on the Chargers at Qualcomm Stadium, you can set your filter to only see ride requests heading the same way. (Sorry San Diego, we can’t filter out Raiders’ fans… maybe in the next version!)

Now both Sidecar riders and drivers can set their destination. Only Sidecar has this — and it’s the first step to making rideshare mainstream.

Join the rideshare revolution!

Cars were once the ticket to freedom and mobility. They made our lives easier and more efficient. But things have changed. We live in a world filled with frustrated people stuck in traffic, pollution and cars that eat away at our savings.  We want to change this.  We are on a mission to make this planet better for our generation and generations to come.

Our vision at Sidecar is clear: we are driven to make transportation smarter, cleaner and more connected. You helped bring about change in California; now let’s work together to pioneer rideshare in the rest of the state, the country and the world. Join us!

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