3 Crucial Reasons to Have Your Vehicle Under Shade

3 Crucial Reasons to Have Your Vehicle Under Shade

When you are working on your car, how often do you have a cloth or something else to protect your paint? What about protecting it from the sun with an outdoor shelter? Or even protecting it from dust that might be kicked up when a part is removed.

Despite being in what many of us consider to be the “great outdoors,” we still take measures to protect our vehicles. The weather can cause some damage if left unprotected for too long, but so can other things. Even though there is limited protection underneath your vehicle compared to above it, it’s not too much effort to keep everything clean and shaded.

If you’ve ever asked yourself why anyone would bother putting their vehicle under shade in the first place…

We’ll answer that for you. Here are the three most important reasons why you should always have your vehicle under shade:

1. Your Parts Are Going to Last Longer

Upon being exposed to direct sunlight, the temperature of a car part can rise by several hundred degrees in just 30 minutes! So by having it under shade, there is a much lower chance that it will experience damage caused by overheating… This means it’s going to be able to serve its purpose much better and live way past when it would’ve had it been left out in the sun.

Your car will also be cleaner in the shade. All of the things that are normally littering your driveway are going to have an easier time getting onto your car if it’s not undercover.

You don’t want any debris finding its way into hard-to-reach places like the ductwork or wheel wells, either! Fortunately, these will be much harder for dirt and grime to get into if they’re shielded from dirty shoes, birds, and other people who just dump their trash wherever they please.

2. It Protects Other Areas from Damage

A sunny day can make an entire area hot, causing other things besides your car parts to overheat as well. Unfortunately, there are many examples of this happening. For example, if you’ve ever left your car in the sun long enough to cause damage on the ground below it, you know how even grass can start to smolder!

3.Your Safety is Compromised

When a vehicle component is exposed too long under direct sunlight, its integrity can be compromised by extreme heat and so much more. Those conditions are not only tough on your part, but they’re also tough on you! The extreme temperatures that some parts are subjected to when left out in the sun in the wrong way can cause burns on your hands and arms. Not to mention causing harm when you touch anything underneath your vehicle!

The reasons we’ve given you are the biggest and most important ones, but it doesn’t mean that there aren’t others. For example, leaving your vehicle under direct sunlight can cause paint to fade faster than usual. Not to mention the chance of you accidentally chipping it when a part is taken off!

Keeping your car under shade not only prolongs its life in general by allowing all of its parts to perform at their peak. It helps you prevent injury and damage to other things around it as well. There are many more reasons why keeping your car shaded is so important, so make sure that you know them all – both for yourself and others!

Author: Mike