3 Simple Tips to Make Your Car Look Like New Again

Keeping a car neat and clean is one of the best ways to keep it in good condition. Regular maintenance, including washing and waxing, will also keep your car looking its best. The finish on any car deteriorates over time and with exposure to UV light, rain and dirt. And if you drive your car every day, scratches, marks and scratches inevitably occur. Keeping your car clean not only makes it look good, but also protects its resale value. Here are some simple tips that will help you give your car new life.

Always dry your car after washing

Dry your car thoroughly after washing. You can buy a good quality car dryer, or you can use old towels and newspapers to dry your car. If you do not dry your car properly, you will leave water marks on the paint and body, which can be very difficult to remove. Use a chamois leather to dry the paint and windows, but avoid using it on the chrome and other metal work, as it will cause scratches.

Use a wax to protect the exterior

Regularly waxing the exterior of your car will protect it from the elements, keep it looking like new and make it last longer. Always use a good quality car wax, such as a paste wax, because it lasts longer, is easier to apply and protects the paintwork for longer. Apply the wax with a soft cloth, taking care not to get it on the paintwork. After drying, rub the wax on with a clean cloth so that no residue is left on the paintwork.

The underside and the wheel wells.

Many people forget to clean the underside of their car, but it is one of the most important parts of the car to clean. It can get very dirty, especially if you drive on muddy or sandy roads, or park on the road regularly. In addition, clean the wheel wells regularly so they don’t leave marks on the car’s body.

Get rid of small dents and scratches while they are still easy to repair

If you find small dents or scratches while cleaning the car, clean them up while they are still small. If you don’t, they can become much more difficult to repair. For small scratches, you can use a car polisher. A mini polisher is convenient to use and allows you to make the scratches disappear easily. Before using the product, test it on an inconspicuous part of the car to make sure it does not remove the paint or leave any residue, such as glue or adhesive.

Author: Brandon Park