3 Tips For Tricking Out Your Sports Car

Around 60% of Americans think of their vehicle as an extra family member. And, 56% of them even give their vehicle a human-like name.

If this sounds like you, your love for your vehicle is strong. To give your vehicle the respect it deserves, you should also customize it to ensure it’s truly unique. Your luxury vehicle deserves the best!

Keep reading to discover the best tips for tricking out your sports car to help you stand out from the crowd.

1. Focus on the Rims, Tires

A vehicle without a good, quality set of tires and rims is basically useless. Let your vehicle really shine with new wheels that match the rest of the vehicle.

Start with a set of new tires, as these are important for driving around to show off your vehicle. And, if you take your vehicle racing, they’ll give you a performance advantage. Then you can move onto the rims because they can be costly, but they take your vehicles’ look to a whole new level.

If you’re looking for a very specific style, Savini Wheels has complete wheel sets for every look and feel. If you’re dealing with a performance vehicle, shop their Performance collection. Or, if you’re just upgrading the look of your vehicle, you may want to shop the Signature styles.

2. Customize and Protect the Paint Job

Unless you opted for a custom vehicle model, odds are you’ll encounter the same exact vehicle out on the streets. But, your vehicle is unique and its appearance should represent that. Try upgrading your vehicle with a custom paint job.

Consider the overall look and feel of your vehicle. If it’s a performance sports car, you may opt for racing stripes in a unique color. If it’s a showy, luxury vehicle, go for a bold color that has a little sparkle in the paint job.

And, if you have any social media accounts to show off your vehicle, don’t be afraid to add your vehicle’s name or social media handles to the exterior. This will truly separate your vehicle from the look-a-likes.

Once you get a custom paint job, you’ll want to make sure you protect the paint as much as possible. Rust is a car owner’s worst nightmare!

3. Enhance Your Exterior Lights

Whether you’re building the ultimate muscle car or racing car, the exterior lights are often an overlooked item. But, with a few simple upgrades, your lights can make a huge impact on the appearance of your vehicle.

Colored exterior lights are all the rage. Giving your headlights a tinted color while make heads turn even in the dark. In addition to switching out the headlights, don’t forget to customize the fog lights or add in underglow lights.

Just make sure you don’t use any restricted light colors, such as blue and red flashing lights.

Make Your Sports Car the Envy of All

Using these three tips will help ensure that your sports car is the envy of all car aficionados.

Start by focusing on your vehicle’s wheels bu upgrading both the tires and rims. From there, consider investing in a custom paint job and don’t forget to protect it from wear and tear. Finally, stand out from the crowd even in the dark by enhancing your vehicle’s exterior lights.

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Author: Brandon Park