3 Top Tips for Road Trips in Ohio

Packing up the car for a day trip or a longer jaunt through the state of Ohio can bring lots of wonderful memories and unique experiences. Ohio has such a wide range of possibilities to suit nearly every weekend adventurer or day-long explorer’s itinerary choices. Whether it’s waterfalls or lighthouses, whether you’re a foodie or a history buff, Ohio has something for everyone. Here are three top tips for your Ohio road trip. Don’t leave home without them!

Have a Flexible Plan

Road-tripping in any state means that you need to do a bit of advance planning. However, everyone has a different style for how they like to see the sights by car. Some people enjoy planning everything down to the very last detail, while others prefer simply getting in the car and driving whatever road tickles their fancy. While either way can bring an exciting adventure, the most effective way to have a great road trip is most likely somewhere in the middle: have a plan, but leave room for unexpected developments and be flexible.

Before you hit the road, have a look at what experienced travelers have to say about the art of road-tripping. Smarter Travel offers a range of tips on their website. In addition to having a “loose plan” in terms of your preparation, they advise also having an “escape plan to get off country roads.” Ohio’s picturesque back roads can provide a scenic ride, but like all country roads, they can also bring unexpected hassles such as delays, car sickness due to excessive winding and curving, or a lack of services.

Travel Smart and Minimize Risks

Don’t forget the basics in terms of health and safety when it comes to organizing any road trip, whether it’s for a few hours, a full day, or a weekend excursion. Consider the health and age of all your travel companions, as well as the current state of your vehicle and how to protect it from any risks that may come up during travel. Making sure your car has the proper local insurance is only the most basic step you need to take before you turn the keys in the ignition.

If your vehicle hasn’t been serviced in a while with a regular oil and filter change, a road trip could be a good opportunity to get this routine maintenance completed. Do a quick survey of your lights to make sure they’re working and ensure that all your vehicle’s fluids are topped off. And, although it isn’t necessarily a risk factor, cleaning out your vehicle before departure and during your trip can make the whole way much more pleasant and organized.

Pick an Area To Focus On

Ohio offers many opportunities for the road-trip enthusiast. It can be helpful to do some advance research based on your particular interests and then plan a trip around those interests, calculating mileage, gas expenses, driving time, and services along the way. The travel website Visit the USA has a large section on Ohio travel that can help with your travel planning. From scanning top tourist attractions to narrowing down where you can check off something on your bucket list, using resources to pinpoint exactly where you want to go can save you lots of time on the road.


Author: Brandon Park