3 Ways to Choose Industrial-Grade Countertops for a Garage

3 Ways to Choose Industrial-Grade Countertops for a Garage

You no doubt have plans to outfit your garage with the latest technologically advanced diagnostic equipment and labor-saving devices.

But remember that one of the hardest working pieces of equipment in any garage is the countertop.

And your garage will need industrial-grade countertops. So, how do you choose which one?

There are three basic ways to make your selection. You can choose by use, maintenance, or price.

1– Choose According to Use

How will you use your countertops? For example, will you need a surface where you can place oil-soaked parts? If so, you’ll want a non-porous countertop that won’t absorb spills.

A porous surface would look great only during installation. Once you put it to use, it will retain traces of each harsh chemical it encounters.

Gasoline, anti-rust treatments, and cleaning fluids are just a few of the chemicals that can play rough with most countertops.

So choose a countertop that shields itself from the effects of the chemicals. It will allow you to work confidently without needing to cover the surface with a protective mat.

You also need to consider whether you intend to use sharp tools on the surface. Your countertop should be able to accommodate cutting tools without fear of ruining the surface.

If you plan to use a few of your garage countertops only for displaying items, you might think of using a less robust surface. However, be careful if the display countertops are near your working countertops.

Their closeness puts them at risk of accidental spills and accidents. So, if possible, try to equip all your work and display surfaces with reliable industrial-grade countertops.

2- Choose Based on Ease of Maintenance

All countertops require maintenance if you want them to look new. However, it’s the degree of maintenance that should concern you.

Some countertops, such as stainless steel, typically, don’t require vigorous scrubbing to clean. If it’s important to you to save time, consider getting a low-maintenance surface.

Some garages are poorly vented which can make using strong cleaning agents dangerous to your health. It’s safer to install a countertop that comes clean with cleaners that are gentle on both your health and the environment.

In addition to cleaning, some countertops require periodic recoating to protect the surface. You’ll have to decide if this represents a minor or major inconvenience for you and your garage.

3- Choose by Price

We would never suggest that you make a purchase that puts you and your family in a financially uncomfortable situation. On the contrary, we recommend setting a budget for your garage and sticking to it.

But, within that budget, we urge you to purchase the best countertop you can afford. There are at least two good reasons why this is a sound strategy.

First of all, it’s unlikely you’ll have to suffer the annoyance of soon replacing your countertops because you’re not satisfied with them. That often happens when people try to cut corners on important items.

And, In the long run, you’ll save money. Sturdy, industrial-grade countertops are built to last.

Author: Full Editorial