4 Auto Technologies Helping Rideshare Drivers in 2018

Rideshare drivers should rely on the latest technologies to push their businesses forward. These professionals are on the road day and night, and instead of reinventing the wheel, it’s important to use technology to make driving safer.

The technology that is advancing the industry, includes:

1. Adaptive Cruise Control

Cruise control has been upgraded. Adaptive cruise control is the wave of the future, and it’s making driving a lot safer. These systems, abbreviated ACC, use radar or cameras, or a variety of other technologies, to see in front of a vehicle.

Cruise control settings are adjusted automatically, so there’s never a need to hit the brake or worry about the person in front of you slowing down while cruise control is on.

The settings will automatically speed up or down the vehicle reducing driver fatigue and making cruise control more intuitive.

2. Smart Glass

A technology that few people will know about is smart glass. The introduction of smart glass ino vehicles has the potential to change the way that we drive. The windshield and glass in a vehicle will have sensors and electronics embedded in them.

When the sun is beaming, the smart glass may self-tint itself.

If the windshield has a crack, it may be able to repair itself. There’s also self-cleaning options that will clean the glass and allow for maximum visibility when driving. “OK, the average windshield isn’t smart enough to repair itself. Yet. However, with glass and glazing technology advancing rapidly, let’s take a quick look at the windshield trends we – and drivers – will soon be looking at in the next few years,” writes Diamond Auto Glass.

  • Automatically detect rain
  • Remove fog automatically
  • Heat windshields
  • High beam detection
  • Reduce glare

We’re just starting to see smart glass come into fruition, but the technology will make driving much safer.

3. Backup Cameras

Backup cameras may be making drivers “lazy,” but I absolutely love them. These cameras reduce accidents, and backing into a parking space is much easier. When trying to navigate a hectic Walmart parking lot or a busy food store, backup cameras can mean the difference between hitting another vehicle or getting out of a spot safely.

Most newer vehicles have backup cameras installed in them.

You also have the option of third-party setups that will add a backup camera to your existing vehicle. It’s an easy install, and it reduces your risks of accidents – a major bonus.

4. Ambient Lighting Settings

Interior lighting isn’t going to make your vehicle much safer, but as a driver, you do need to make all of your passengers as happy as possible. Ambient interior lighting has the ability to impress passengers and make a great first impression.

Mercedes-Benz was one of the first to offer LED lighting that allows you to dim the interior lights and even change their colors.

Now, more manufacturers are adding these ambient lighting options into their vehicles. It’s an easy way to make the interior of the vehicle “cozy.” Even the Kia Soul offers mood lighting that will actually adjust to the intensity of the music you’re playing.

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4 Auto Technologies Helping Rideshare Drivers in 2018