4 Reasons to Encourage Guests to Rideshare After a BBQ

4 Reasons to Encourage Guests to Rideshare After a BBQ

There are few things more gratifying than hosting a successful social gathering. From showcasing your latest landscaping designs in the backyard to showing off your skills at the grill, it’s an opportunity to give everybody a good time – yourself included.

But what about when the night or afternoon is coming to a close? You might say that the event isn’t over for your guests until they’ve safely returned home, and that’s exactly why considering ridesharing options ahead of time should definitely be on your roster for BBQ preparations.

1. Ensure Your Guests Get Home Safely

It’s easier to feel good about your BBQ-based get-together when you can end the night with a clear conscience. No matter how closely you keep an eye on your rowdiest guests, it’s not always possible to ascertain whether they’ve had a few too many.

Sometimes, it doesn’t even come down to drinking: A guest might be sleep-deprived, and if a BBQ that starts in the evening turns into a late-night bonfire, you never know if they might fall asleep at the wheel. The only way to know for sure is by taking care of their ride situation ahead of time. The simple fact is that when you already have a list of local options available with their phone numbers ready to go, the people at your BBQ are much more likely to take your suggestion and make the safer choice.

2. Support a Local Business

It always feels good to put your money into things that are local. By giving your friends the suggestion of using these readily available services, you’re referring customers to a company that makes your community a more thriving place to live. You’re also helping to put money in the hands of a local contract worker.

The effects of suggesting this option go far beyond the actual event, too. Someone who might have never considered ridesharing before will now have the option in mind the next time they need a lift, and it might even become part of their regular routine.

3. Guests Can Cut Loose

Many people find BBQs synonymous with cracking open a nice cold one. Some find that they have the most fun when they can down a few beers or mixed drinks – and hopefully, those around them agree. Whenever you want to give people an opportunity to unwind after a stressful week or take some time off from burdensome responsibilities, it’s nice to be able to facilitate it without having a house full of people sleeping on the floor afterward.

4. Make it Easier to Find the Place

Guests don’t have to worry about following a complex set of directions. This is helpful whether you live out in a rural area with confusing primitive systems or downtown in a densely populated city. Either with, guests who aren’t familiar with the lay of the land might be ready to skip the event entirely if they get lost for hours trying to find your house or the correct park. Eliminating that pregame stress and tension allows your BBQ attendants to arrive at the party with a clear head and a fun attitude.

On top of that, if more people use a rideshare to get there and to leave, they don’t have to worry about parking. There will be fewer cars crowded around your driveway and street corners, so it’s less likely that the ones who are always eager to leave early will end up blocked in.

Author: Mike