4 Reasons Why You Should Buy an Electric Car

Electric cars (EV) are becoming more popular than ever; after the pandemic, dealerships experienced a significant surge in demand for new vehicles, and a lot of these were electric. Why? Because they reduce your carbon footprint and cut down on greenhouse gas emissions. Having an electric car can save you money and help protect the planet. 

It’s never been easier to go electric, either. More charging stations are being established, and many governments offer incentives to encourage you to go green. Here are four major reasons to consider buying an electric car. 

You will save money 

Saving money has never been more critical as the cost of living increases. Did you know that driving an electric car significantly reduces fuel costs? In fact, the Union of Concerned Scientists states that driving a mid-sized EV will save most drivers about $770 per year compared to an average car. 

It’s also worth noting that you can save money through government incentives, as electric cars support the economy and protect the environment. In the US, you can receive substantial tax credits of up to $7,500 per vehicle from the federal government. Making this even more appealing is the available additional incentives in various states. 

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You will help the planet 

Climate change effects everyone, but we can all make choices to help make a difference. Buying an electric car helps the environment because it cuts air pollution. Research carried out in 2021 by the International Council on Clean Transportation revealed that electric vehicles currently produce 60-68% less greenhouse gas emissions (in the US) during their life cycle than traditional gas-powered cars. Now that’s a game-changer! These super green cars significantly reduce the emissions that contribute to climate change and other air pollution issues such as smog. 

Less pollution also means healthier humans. Air pollution can exacerbate asthma and other respiratory issues, causing people to cough more. By helping to reduce the pollution in the air, you are helping to improve your community’s health. 

Electric cars are also quieter because they have no internal combustion, so there’s less noise pollution too. 

You will be supporting clean energy  

By driving an electric vehicle, you are directly supporting clean energy. Electric cars use a rechargeable battery instead of petrol or diesel. What does this mean? Your money isn’t funding industries that are harmful to the planet. Consider it an investment in your local economy and support energy sources such as wind and solar panel to run the charging stations and fuel your car! Obviously the energy will only be as clean as the source, but with electric cars you have more choice in where your energy comes from. 

You will have a better driving experience 

Some people find driving relaxing and enjoyable, while others consider it necessary. Whatever your feeling, driving an electric vehicle is a quiet, Zen-like experience. An electric engine provides smooth acceleration and is very quiet, meaning the driving experience is much more enjoyable. They also often have a low center of gravity, which improves safety and offers more comfort. 

Author: Brandon Park