5 Benefits of Aftermarket Exhaust Systems

Installing an aftermarket exhaust system is one of the best modifications to get the most power out of your vehicle. It improves airflow inside the exhaust system, which allows a vehicle’s engine to perform at its peak. 

Not only that, whether you’re looking for a way to boost engine performance without worrying about fuel economy or save money on fuel with little regard for your top speed, an aftermarket exhaust system is probably at least part of the solution.

It’s a simple and quick upgrade, but it can make a huge difference! Here are the top five advantages you can surely enjoy from upgrading your stock exhaust to an aftermarket exhaust system. 

Long-term Durability

Stock exhaust systems are usually made from mild steel. It’s reasonably common for exhaust components in automobile production. However, they usually deteriorate over time, causing exhaust leaks and performance issues in the long run. 

On the other hand, aftermarket exhausts are usually made of stainless steel and aluminized steel. These materials have higher durability, significantly offering improved reliability and longevity. 

That’s why it’s common for manufacturers to give almost a lifetime warranty on these aftermarket exhausts. Take Manta Performance as an example. Their cost-effective exhausts in aluminized steel come with a 2-year warranty, while stainless steel options have a 10-year warranty. 

Increased Performance

Most vehicles’ stock exhaust systems are designed to work with their engines well and meet strict environmental standards. However, they’re very restrictive. A custom system can provide better airflow, delivering more power to your wheels!

How does it work? An aftermarket exhaust has wider piping that lets exhaust gasses easily exit from the combustion chamber, which means there’ll be more for fresh air to enter. Bear this rule of thumb in mind: more air equals bigger combustion, leading to more power. 

Aftermarket exhaust systems can also help reduce your engine’s back pressure, reducing the stifling effect and adding additional power. Nevertheless, back pressures are essential. This is because they optimize engines’ air-fuel ratio and aid vehicles’ torque output. 

Your vehicle will lose power and torque if there’s too little or too much back pressure. Hence, a balance is needed to get the most power out of your vehicle without sacrificing too much backpressure. 

Better Fuel Economy

Other latest vehicles’ stock exhaust systems have already been tuned up to maximize fuel efficiency. Modifying it could make things go south, like more fuel consumption or increase its power output.  

But if your vehicle’s exhaust system isn’t well-tuned yet, it could be time to consider upgrading it. First, installing an aftermarket pipe can replace heavy stock exhaust systems, reducing the weight of your vehicle. This can help to save fuel consumption. While it may not be a huge boost in savings, it’s noticeable enough to make a difference. 

What’s more, an aftermarket system is meant to tune up your engine. It helps engines to create more power and torque. With this, you can avoid stepping on the accelerator more. This prevents pressure issues and reduces wasted energy in the exhaust system, leading to better efficiency and fuel economy. 

Quality Engine Sound

Aftermarket systems will always give you the sound quality you’d love to hear when driving. It can be subjective and vary from vehicle to vehicle, though. For example, some like the deepening of the growl their acceleration make, while others want their systems to improve the noise control.

Many vehicle enthusiasts prefer the more aggressive exhaust note that gives a sporty feel. They’re usually those who prize their vehicle for its horsepower and complement it with loud acceleration sounds. So it’s to their delight when the engine’s sound becomes apparent. 

Others dislike announcing their presence to their entire neighborhood, so they prefer to muffle their engine noise more. Opting for top-quality mufflers can run their vehicles a little quieter without giving up the horsepower gains. 

Made For You

While bolt-on kits offer performance perks and look chic, they’re still just mass-produced parts. They aren’t exactly tuned to your vehicle. A custom-designed exhaust system should be beyond just looking cool. 

An exhaust system just made for you allows you and your car to make a statement. It doesn’t reflect your style but also achieves the performance you desire. In short, a custom-designed exhaust system offers both form and function advantages.

Final Thoughts

Aftermarket exhaust components can be costly. The more stock components you replace, the more money you’ll have to put up. Be sure you’re aware not only of your vehicle goals but also of your financial capability. 

You also need to know the ins and outs of your vehicle before installing an aftermarket exhaust system. Without good research, an upgrade could result in the opposite of what you expect, or, worse, net you no results. If you don’t understand your vehicle well, it’s always best to ask for professionals. 

Author: Doug