5 Best Vehicle Add-Ons for Every Jeep Enthusiast


You’re a Jeep lover that only wants the best Jeep mods. You know where to go when it comes to adventuring with your Jeep Wrangler and you’re part of a long history of Jeep drivers dating all the way back to World War II — rowdy and off-roading like its supposed to be done. 

Yes, the Wrangler — which didn’t come about till 1987 — was famous first as the Jeep CJ. Willys-Overland got the contract to build the “MB” with four-wheel drive to help the troops. It was a success and the CJ was built stateside for civilians using its wartime nickname, Jeep.

To help you mod-up your four-wheel baby, we’ve put together five of our favorite Jeep add ons. Keep reading to see which of these is calling your Jeep’s name — if not all, then start modding it up and hitting the road and dirt for a mighty good time.

1. Light Bar

When you drive your new darling home from the Jeep dealership, you’re already looking in the rearview mirror thinking about what roads you’re going to rip up with the awesome four-wheel-drive off-roader you just got.

You’re also thinking about all those Jeep add ons you can now, well, add on.

One of our favorite first moves when it comes to top Jeep mods is a light bar.

You know the one with the bright bulbs that go right over and across the top of your windshield. They can bring so much light — both onto the road ahead of you and in your heart when you get those thrills!

They look pretty darn fine too when you’re riding at night whether off-road or cruising through the city streets with your sweetheart or buds heading out for a burger.

Though take note: Don’t keep them on in town as you’ll blind the drivers coming in the opposite direction.

2. Dash Cam

This fun gadget is another of the Jeep add ons we’re sweet on. It attaches to the rearview mirror and works like a camera to film whatever you like.

It films forward with a wide lens so you can capture what’s in front of you. That’s right, you can record your ride — bumps, curves and all — and then play it back later! This one is super fun.

The camera also records backwards so you can also capture the road behind you and people in the backseat — not to mention how you can record a fun selfie of yourself while you’re rippin’ it up. 

Cut it together and you’ll have the best road trip movie around!

3. The Sweetest Headlights Around

So, sometimes we like to mix it up when it comes to lights. The light bar is rockin’ for nighttime off-roading and good looks of the rugged kind. But sometimes you want to dapper it up and these round puppies — buffed clear vision round headlights like LX-lights — have you covered.

They give you a ton of light from up high and they look gorgeous and rad all at once. Plus, if you go for LED lights, you’ll get an extra bump up in the cool factor when it comes to looks.

Not to mention, you can grab a couple of grab handles and add those on to the front and back. They come in some boss bright colors and can also bump up your ride’s look in a flash. 

You’ll look and feel cool jumping in and out of your Jeep and enjoy the ride and your maverick lights even more.

4. Rad Rollers

By rollers, we’re talking tires and wheels. This is one of the most popular in cool Jeep mods, and obviously, one of our top picks too.

Your Jeep will likely come with some great stock tires, with solid tread for the paved roads you ride in town. They’re usually steel of the 16-inch variety.

Take a look at the tires for mud-terrain and start getting really excited about this upgrade. They have you covered on the trails off-road with ultra-top traction and boss handling for your pure enjoyment.

You have plenty of options with tire and wheel packages on the market. They’re a bit pricey but will bump up the look of your vehicle instantly.

Keep in mind that you also will probably have to actually bump up your actual Jeep to get those rad new rollers to fit under there properly with enough space to bounce around and roll fast and freely the way you like.

5. Cool Looking and Sounding Exhaust System

This upgrade is affordable and easy to do! Look for an axle-back exhaust system to replace the factory system you got when you drove home with your new love.

Axle-back exhausts give you that deep grumble sound and they also look super-rad on the back of your Wrangler.

They’re less complicated than they look and than other exhaust systems. You can even install them yourself pretty easily. Or take your Jeep in to have it done and it shouldn’t be costly at all. 

All that is needed is the removal of some hangers and a clamp of the band variety. 

The Best Jeep Mods for You

Now that you know some of our favorites when it comes to the best Jeep mods, you’re ready to add on to that spectacular vehicle of yours.

Did any of these upgrades and add-ons pop out at you? Start there! And be sure to have fun while you’re at it or it won’t count. Modding that Jeep is all about fun and a good, enjoyable ride.

Also, reading our blog is fun — and informative. Take a look at all kinds of automotive tips and hacks. Then get to reading news highlights and other lifestyle topics while you’re at it.

Author: Brandon Park