The Top Auto Accessories for Cold Weather

With colder weather comes a muddy fall, and often a long and frigid winter. And there’s no doubt about it, older weather makes driving more difficult. After all, the winter brings snow, sleet, mud, and other precipitation that can make for poor driving conditions. These conditions make driving harder, and they’ll also make your vehicle dirty faster. And while the piles of snow will eventually melt away, the permanent damage caused by snow, salt, and mud could be more lasting. But your vehicle is an investment, so you want to be sure you keep it in good shape for as long as possible. We’d like to tell you about six items that will keep your vehicle in good shape even through the most brutal of winters.

Tonneau Covers

By far, one of the most popular accessories amongst truck owners ia a truck bed cover, or tonneau cover. These durable and stylish accessories will allow you to cover and protect your gear, even in heavy snow or rainstorms. Tonneau covers such as the BakFlip MX4 Tonneau Cover are designed to be water-tight, so even if a mound of snow ends up melting right up top, and tools or luggage you’ve stored underneath will be dry as a bone the next time you drop your tailgate or fold up your tonneau cover. 

Seat Covers

Seat covers are a popular accessory for any vehicle type, and the reasoning is simple, they’ll help prevent wear and tear on your factory leather or upholstery. Colder weather and precipitation will only speed up the wear and tear process. But what’s great about custom-made seat covers, is that they’re specifically measured and sewn to fit your vehicle make and model exactly. In most cases they look like a full re-upholstery has been done in your interior.

Floor Mats

Fall and winter are synonymous with mud, much, and dirty boots. When you bring all of that mess into your interior, you’ll make short work of low quality floor mats, or worse, you’ll bring permanent damage to your vehicle’s flooring. But thanks to modern technology, you can easily order a custom set of floor mats that will be laser-measured to fit your vehicle exactly. When it comes to all-weather floor mats like Husky WeatherBeaters, you can drive with confidence that anything you track in or spill will be collected, contained, and easily washed away with just a little water.

Car Covers

Falling autumn leaves aren’t just annoying, they can speed up the rusting process on the metal components of your vehicles. Additionally, they can end up deep under your hood where they can cause even more damage. Snow and ice aren’t only difficult to clean off of your vehicle, but the acids in untreated precipitation can actually weaken your vehicle’s finish. Luckily, stopping all of these items from harming your car is easy when you have a custom-fitting car cover. Weather-proof car covers will keep your finish unharmed and scratch free inside and out.

Window Deflectors

Sometimes there’s nothing better than rolling down the windows and letting in some rich fresh air. But with autumn rains, that can be difficult. Even cracking your windows during a fall downpour could start to soak your interior which is why so many fall drivers love to have a set of window deflectors. Rain guards such as those made by AVS or Wade will install easily and keep rain from entering your cracked windows.

Snow Plows

When it’s time to bring out the big guns in winter preparedness, a snow plow could be the way to go. Contrary to popular belief, even small and midsize trucks and SUVs can support a personal-use snow plow. Most snow plows will install fairly easily on any standard receiver hitch. Companies like DK2, SnowBear, and Meyer have been manufacturing trusted personal-use snow plows that folks from cold-weather climates have come to rely on. 

Indeed, Old Man Winter can really wreak havoc on your vehicle, inside and out. But when you take the proper precautions, you can ensure that your vehicle will look sparkling clean year after year, and season after season.

Author: Brandon Park