5 Drive Wise Alternatives To Stay In Touch With For The Road

One of the most enjoyable things you can do with your family is to take a road trip. AAA statistics say that more people will be driving to their destinations in 2020 than the past five years combined. This means more amazing views, more cool attractions to visit, and spending time with the family.

If you are someone who prefers traveling the paved road rather than the blue sky you’ve got an amazing year ahead of you. There are many popular vacation destinations, however, 1.25 million people perish in car wrecks every year in America and we want to ensure that when you get behind the wheel you are staying in tune with the safety of the road and the safety of your body. Our experts have compiled five drive wise alternatives which will help you stay connected to your body, your safety, and the road this year.

#1 – Get The App

You may have seen the Allstate commercial that shares how people are “driving wise” this year with their mobile app. Not only is it helping them stay safer on the road, it is also driving down their insurance costs each year. While this is not an advertisement for that insurance company, the fact remains that in order for you to stay in touch with the road you need to keep in touch with the statistics that help you stay safe. 

There are many mobile apps that will help you stay safe while you’re driving. Apps like LifeSaver, Drive Safely, iOnRoad, and more. The main point of these mobile apps is to make sure you are understanding your driving habits. For instance, keeping a safe speed of 80 mph or less on the highway, making sure you’re not driving at late hours of the night, and to help you limit hard braking which can have wear and tear on the car. If you are someone who is constantly on the road (whether you’re on vacation or not) it’s important to establish a baseline of your driving and improve upon the safety in order to make sure you are coming back home to your family every day.

#2 – Limit Distraction Driving

Did you know that each day nine people are killed and more than 1,000 are injured due to crash reports of distracted driving? Driving distracted is one of the biggest challenges operators face because there are so many things to concentrate on instead of the road. The kids want the radio turned up, someone just texted you, eating in the car, the list is a long one and each one of these distractions could mean that you could be a statistic soon if you don’t pay attention.

Even something as small as having a discussion with another passenger in your car can be construed as distracted driving and we need to address these issues in order to be safe. Another issue reported by the National Safety Council is that 26% of all car wrecks come from hands free devices. In other words, the operator was driving the car while talking on a hands free device. Just because it’s hands free doesn’t make it safe. 

Distracted driving can only be eliminated by the operator. First and foremost, when you get behind the wheel you need to start paying attention to what’s going on around you. Put the cell phone down and keep both hands on the wheel. If you MUST talk on the phone, find a safe place to pull over and make your call, or have another passenger operate your phone for you. Many accidents occur because of the cell phone and there are applications like we just discussed that can turn the phone off for distraction free driving. This is a big one we must address and it’s important to understand only you can prevent this from happening.

#3 – Take Care of Your Body

One of the most popular road trips in America is following route 66. Historic route 66 spans over 2,400 miles across eight states and it is truly an amazing journey. It doesn’t follow the natural straight path across the country like most highways do. Route 66 can remind you of a simpler time and it is a blast. When you’re planning a long road trip (like route 66) you have to get ready to stay in the vehicle for long periods of time. When this happens your body begins to suffer the consequences. Especially for people who experience back pain, fibromyalgia, and other ailments like these.

During these long trips, it is important to plan out various stops that you can enjoy and also rest your body. There are also plants and herbal alternatives you can implement that will take away joint pain, soreness, and stress (to name a few things that occur while driving) which will make the trip more pleasant for you. One plant which has become popular in America is a plant called Kratom. Kratom has been reported to relieve stress, alleviate pain, and in general make for a more pleasant mood boost in your trip. This Kratom from Kats Botanicals is one which many customers enjoy on long road trips and can be a great tool in your arsenal which will help you take care of your body through the duration.

#4 – Maintain Your Vehicle Regularly

While there is a lot of focus on the trip and the destination, it is also important to take care of the horse that brings you there. Regular maintenance of your vehicle before your trip is crucial to ensure you’re not stranded on the side of the road due to some oversight which should have been taken care of beforehand. Things like tire rotation, oil change, and vehicle inspection are important to do when you’re planning a long road trip. Being safe while driving also includes that your vehicle is safe as well.

#5 – Plan The Journey In Advance

One of the most important things when you’re planning a vacation destination or a trip is to also focus on the journey itself. They say half the fun is just getting there. While that’s true, it is only true for the people who understand the journey. Plan fun stops on your way to your destination. Schedule your time accordingly so that you can have time to stop and enjoy different things while you are headed to your final stop. Granted, most drivers are focused on the end goal, but make sure these drivers understand that the entire family is in the car and we want to see some things before we get there. You will soon learn that getting there WAS half the fun!

Stay Safe and Enjoy

The road is a magical place. The road can provide memories for your family for years ahead. The journey is always where the movie is focused, not the destination. It is in the journey that the fun stuff happens. When you jump in the vehicle and begin plodding toward your destination remember that it is up to you to keep everyone safe. These five drive wise alternatives can help you stay safe and enjoy the journey with your entire family.

Author: Brandon Park