5 Questions to Consider Before Accepting an Online Offer

In the 21st century, we all are used to doing everything online – buying goods, make use of various services. Numerous services bring food, flowers, clothing, equipment directly to the home of a buyer, and fight for the customers’ loyalty in all possible ways – discounts, good bargains, and other beneficial offers. However, online space is also fertile ground for fraud of all kinds. Even if the appearance of the site does not cause suspicion, its creator may turn out to be a thief whose goal is your money. There are a huge number of deception schemes – from creating phishing sites to fake online stores and mailing lists with malicious links.

We don’t intend to frighten you. To the contrary, this article is aimed at helping you with using so many great online offers without risks. Let’s see how to check the reliability and purity of the intentions of the online service.

  • What Is This Offer and Is It Helpful to Me?

For example, if you are a student and are considering a custom thesis writing service, then the list of offered services should be exhaustive – hundreds of online offers are presented to you after typing “help with thesis writing” on Google. On such websites, you need to find the type of essay needed, the price and timing of such assistance with ease. Otherwise, it is worth to think to yourself for a moment – “Is it what I’m looking for?” In addition, some thesis papers should also be present either for free or for an extra fee.

  • In What Way Is It Offered to Contact?

Pay attention to how the site offers to place an order. If this is only possible via email, mobile number or instant messenger — think about it. All these contacts are easy to change. Serious companies receive calls to landlines, in addition to mobile. As a rule, custom essay services, in addition to the above, have round-the-clock customer support, online chat, and callback. Make a test call, contact a chatbot and write an email to them. If nobody answers the specified landline phone and you have not got any response on your mail, do not rush to place an order on this site.

  • Is the Price Adequate Compared to the Other Options?

Still, pay attention to the prices. If you have got a proposal to buy an essay writing service at an unreasonably low price compared to the prices of other sites, this is suspicious. The price may differ by several percents but not two or three times (excluding individual offers with discounts). Even if according to all other parameters the site is “correct”, too low prices are an alarming sign. Remember, there’s no such thing as a free lunch!

  • What Reviews an Online Service Has?

Find reviews about the company on the Internet. To do this, just type the name or URL (website address) in a search engine, or refer to special sites with reviews. If you find bad reviews that the company responds to adequately, this is a good sign. This is suspicious if there are no reviews at all or they are all exceptionally good. Most likely, these reviews were written by “professional writers” with the goal to promote the service quickly.

  • Is It 100% Safe to Transfer Money to the Service Online?

This is the most sensitive question for most online buyers – to transfer money or not? Indeed, this isn’t the question for most users of online services. There are special tools to secure your payments. Use them or make payments on already-checked platforms you or your friends may have used before.  

These are the main points that make it possible to determine the reliability of an online service with high probability. All this is quite true for sites that make most favourable offers. Our recommendation is to choose sites that have a long presence in the market (you can find out by scrolling through the reviews and finding the oldest among them). Follow this tip and others that you find in this article and don’t become misguided on the Web!

Author: Brandon Park