5 reasons to replace a motorcycle windshield

As acrylic glass became more popular, windshields in motorcycles could be seen more and more frequently on the streets. Touring motorcycles almost always include a windshield, and while there are some bikers who are highly opinionated on this topic, the benefits of having a windshield can’t be disputed. If your windshield happened to be damaged and you still haven’t bought a new one, here are 5 reasons why you should definitely replace your motorcycle windshield.

Don’t let the wind bother you

The main function of a windshield is – surprise, surprise – to protect you from the wind. However, while this one may seem obvious, don’t downplay the importance of having your face covered from the wind. As you drive, depending on your windshield’s design, the air will be dispersed either to the sides or over your head. Staying away from the wind will help keep you warm when driving at high speeds and reduce the noise that often comes with it.

In most windshields, there is an additional opening in the bottom. The purpose of that opening is to equalize the pressure on both sides, reducing the shaking that comes with trying to fight off air resistance.

Stay dry with a windshield on

If you’re not properly dressed for the weather, getting caught in the rain on a motorcycle definitely isn’t enjoyable. A proper windshield is a great way to protect yourself against the elements, and while it won’t block the water entirely, it will keep most of it away from you, keeping you dry and comfortable.

Bonus tip – if you already have a windshield that’s on the larger side, think about using water repellent on it. This will increase your visibility, as water will easily slide off the outer side.

Protect yourself from cold temperatures with a windshield

While you might not think that a windshield can change much in terms of temperatures, it can actually highly impact the way you’re perceiving temperatures. A windshield decreases the amount of wind that hits you as you drive, which can dramatically lower the perceived temperature you feel. While you should still probably wear a warm jacket, a windshield will definitely help.

Keep your face away from any debris

As you were driving on your motorcycle, you have without a doubt been in a situation where a tiny rock shot out from underneath the tires of the vehicle right in front of you, hitting you in your helmet’s face shield. A windshield can help catch any debris flung your way, protecting you from damage and keeping you safe.

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Reduce the noise

Riding on a motorcycle can often get noise – especially at higher speeds, as the wind blows in your ears and you can barely hear anything. Windshields can not only block away the noise created by airflow, but they can also dampen the noise of the vehicles around you. A lot of motorcycle owners appreciate the sound barrier a windshield creates, as it allows them to hear their bike’s engine better.

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5 reasons to replace a motorcycle windshield