Few Things you should know before you sell your junk car

We believe that a little bit of research might help you make the best choice while selling your junk car. Here are a few questions related to auto salvage yards, junk car selling and, junk car buyers in Chicago.

What is Junk Car?

A Junk Car is a vehicle that is damaged or wrecked. An inoperable or a very old vehicle that cannot be driven is also a junk car.

How to sell junk cars for cash?

Selling a junk car to Cash For Junk Cars Chicago – Smart Tow Inc. is rather easy. You can fill in our online form and provide all the necessary details to get a free quote. Or you can call us at +1 708 663 1010. You need to tell us details about your junk car such as year, make, model, mileage, and damages (if any). Then, we will send you a free quote.

What types of junk cars do you buy?

We at Cash For Junk Cars Chicago – Smart Tow Inc. buy all kinds of junk cars, old cars, wrecked cars, scrap cars, junk cars with no keys, junk cars with no title, inoperable cars, old trucks, wrecked automobiles, junk vans and, SUVs.

Do you charge a fee for buying junk cars?

No, we do not charge any fee for buying junk cars.

No additional charges, No hidden charges

Only cash on spot for junk cars!

How do you provide the free quote?

When you fill in our online form, we will collect all the necessary information about the junk car. Based on the proximity to our junk car removal and your location, we shall calculate the quote.

Can sell my junk my car without title?

The Title of the junk car would serve as proof of ownership. If you do not have the title for your junk car, then any documents of ownership are also acceptable.

Are there any separate charges for towing?

No, we provide free towing for all the junk cars we buy.

How much money can you make while selling a junk car?

Several factors are accountable while ascertaining the junk car’s value. Based on the condition, year, make, model, and, mileage, we provide a price quote within the $300 – $1500 range.

Is the paperwork required for selling junk cars?

Yes, Either the Car’s Title or registration (a recent one) and driver’s license is required for selling junk cars.

Is this mode of selling junk cars secure?

We at Cash For Junk Cars Chicago – Smart Tow Inc. work hard to provide you a great customer experience. We guarantee you payment of cash on the spot after we tow away your junk car.

How do you assess my car’s worth?

A junk car’s worth is ascertained based on the condition of the vehicle, year, make, model, and mileage.

How is the payment made?

Cash For Junk Cars Chicago – Smart Tow Inc. pays hard cash on spot for junk cars in Chicago and nearby areas.

How long does it take to schedule a pick up for my junk car?

We provide same-day pick up for junk cars based on the location. We can also fix up an appointment based on your requirement.

Can I sell my junk car without keys?

If your vehicle can still be driven, the junk car removal will be easier. Hence we would need the car keys. If the vehicle is completely inoperable then keys are not required as we would be recycling the junk car after you sell it to us.

Is your junk car removal service available near me?

Yeah. To find out if our services are available in your area, all you need to do is call us and ask our representative. We will need the zip code of the junk car’s location. Our representative will let you know whether our junk car removal service is available in your area.

Is it necessary to know the vehicle’s VIN?

No, it is not necessary. But if you provide the VIN of your vehicle, it will give us accurate information about your vehicle. Moreover, it will help us in giving you a higher offer.

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Few Things you should know before you sell your junk car