5 Tools to Protect You and Your Car

There are several things every car owner should be wary of: namely theft, the elements, and wear-and-tear. By protecting your car from these threats, a car owner is also protecting his or herself from the serious financial consequences of neglect. They can also feel confident that, in the event of a collision, their well-maintained car will respond dependably and hopefully mitigate any potential for physical harm.  

While there are many fancy and expensive tools out there that can help car owners protect their vehicles, the following five are practical and simple solutions that, as an investment, are worth every single penny.  

  • Vehicle GPS trackers
  • Additional locking systems
  • Car immobilizers
  • Seat covers
  • Weatherproof car covers

Vehicle GPS Trackers

One of the most frustrating and disheartening things that can happen to a car owner is having their car stolen. It can happen to anyone at any time, but if you live in a city like San Francisco, New York or Los Angeles, the chances are significantly higher.  

If your car does get stolen, it can be hard to track down and recover. While having a GPS in your car may not prevent it from getting stolen in the first place, it can make the recovery process significantly easier, and you can even catch the thief in the act.   

If you recover your car and find that it has been significantly damaged (which is not uncommon), using a collision repair diagnostic scanning device is one of the best ways to evaluate the extent of the damage and to determine exactly what needs to be repaired.

Additional Locks

You can never have enough locks on your car. While some people are content with using their stock lock system, many thieves have figured out how to bypass these basic security measures and gain entrance. If you drive an older car, it may only take a matter of seconds for an experienced thief to break in.

Consider adding these basic but amazingly effectively locks:

  • Steering Wheel Lock: Even if a criminal manages to gain entry to your vehicle, if a steering wheel lock is in place they won’t be going anywhere. The mere presence of a steering wheel lock is often enough to deter would-be criminals.
  • Gearstick Lock: Even if manual cars are no longer being produced at high volumes, there are still many drivers who own an older model stick shift vehicle. A gearstick lock prevents a criminal from shifting.  

Car Immobilizer

In the UK, car immobilizers have been mandatory on all new vehicles since 1998. While the US was late to the trend, many new vehicles have them built in, which adds an incredible measure of security that prevents criminals from “hotwiring” the vehicle.

When a car is outfitted with an immobilizer, the vehicle is unable to start unless a unique token (often the key) is present. Another benefit of a car immobilizer is that it may help decrease your insurance costs, because your auto insurance provider will classify your vehicle as theft protected.  

Seat Covers

All cars experience wear and tear, but one of the best ways to protect your vehicle from this inevitable attrition is to invest in accessories like seat covers. These slight but incredibly useful coverings can:

  • Protect your seats from spilled liquids
  • Prevent dogs from scratching your seats
  • Preserve the upholstery of your stock seats

By protecting your seats with seat covers, you not only keep your car clean but you also preserve its value. This will make your life a lot easier should you ever want to resell your vehicle.  

Weatherproof Car Covers

Sun, rain, snow, hail. If your car is parked outside year after year, it will eventually begin to experience the effects of the elements. Look at most cars that were built in the 90s or before and notice how worn they tend to appear. If you want your car to avoid the same fate, invest in a weatherproof car cover.  

Protect You and Your Car!

When you reinforce your vehicle with additional protections, you save yourself significant money in both repairs and insurance costs. Through these minor investments, you can also feel confident that your car will lose its value at a much slower rate compared to others manufactured in the same year. These benefits are unassailable and should be considered by every single car owner.

Author: Brandon Park