6 Car Maintenance Tips That Will Help You Save Money

No matter your wealth or income, it’s always a good idea to save money where you can. Just like expenses, even small savings can add up, and finding these opportunities will keep your finances healthy and leave you with more cash on hand. The opportunities where one can save money can be rather unexpected, including one in particular that you may not have considered: car maintenance.

By implementing a few simple changes with how you use and maintain your car, you can mitigate or avoid future expenses. And with attentive care, these practices will result in you paying less and saving more over time. Read on to learn which particular habits you can begin nurturing today.

Replace your air filter annually

Your air filter is an important part of your car. Not only does it supply your engine with the air it needs for internal combustion, but it also provides clean air for your car’s air conditioning and heating systems. As such, you should take care to replace your car’s air filter annually, or at least after every 20,000 kilometres. If you neglect to do so, you risk pollutants and solid particulates getting into your engine and air conditioner, which can cause damage to both. This could end up costing you a lot in repair bills.

Moreover, besides regularly replacing your air filter, you should have your air conditioner cleaned by a competent car air conditioning service provider on a regular basis. This will make doubly sure that the components inside your car’s air conditioner are completely clean and free of foreign objects, thus allowing it to function at top condition.

Check the air pressure on all your tyres once every month

Another important car maintenance tip that could save you a small fortune is the regular checking of your tyres’ air pressure and general appearance every month—not just the tyres you’re currently using but also the spare you keep in your trunk. By doing so, you’ll be able to re-inflate or replace them before they can become a problem on the road. This also lets you avoid the costly expense of calling a tow truck should you suffer a blowout in the middle of a long drive.

Invest in regular engine tune-ups

Having your car undergo regular engine tune-ups is one of the main tenets of good car maintenance. While the exact process may differ from car to car, the basic idea of a tune-up is to check on the status of your engine and restore any lost horsepower by carrying out several maintenance tasks on it. These include replacing worn-out parts as well as cleaning out intakes, pipes, and other components. All these will result in your vehicle delivering optimum performance while also having a high rate of fuel efficiency. This translates to more savings for you. Furthermore, regular tune-ups minimise instances of your car having engine trouble down the line, allowing you to avoid costly towing and repair fees.

Have your car’s brake pads replaced ASAP

Replacing your car’s brake pads can cost you a bundle every time. Nevertheless, you should always look into doing so as soon as you hear your brakes squeaking, or if your brake fluid looks dark when you have it checked. No matter how much you spend on your brakes, a warranted brake pad replacement will always be worth your investment, whether in terms of preventing a costly accident or simply ensuring the safety of your passengers on a daily basis.

Rotate your tyres every 4800 to 8000 kilometres

The simple act of rotating your tyres every 4800 to 8000 kilometres can also save you money. This is because—depending on the car you drive and the roads you drive on—your front or rear tyres may experience an higher rate of wear. By rotating them, you synchronise their rate of use. This results in you getting the most out of your current set of tyres before you have to replace them with a fresh set. Given how costly tyre replacement can be, you will inevitably save cash by extending their effective lifespan.

New windshield wipers are always a necessity 

Replacing your car’s windshield wipers may seem relatively minor in the grand scheme of automobile care, but it matters a great deal, especially if you do a lot of driving in inclement weather. Windshield wipers that are in good condition contribute to safe driving by allowing you to maintain good visibility on the road. They also aid in keeping your windshield’s glass clear of impurities and dirt, which in turn helps preserve its appearance and functionality. This can save you a lot of money, since having too much dirt accumulate on your windshield can damage the glass.

Being smart with car maintenance can save you money

Regular car maintenance will always be a necessary expenditure, no matter how costly it can get. It keeps your car running in top condition, as well as making it safe for you to drive. That being said, by carrying out the simple maintenance tips listed above, you’ll be able to enjoy having a well-maintained car to drive while also saving some cash at the same time. 

Author: Brandon Park