6 Intriguing Event Tips for Making a Car Show Fun for Attendees

6 Intriguing Event Tips for Making a Car Show Fun for Attendees

Events these days are packed with food, freebies, high-stakes competitions for prizes, and more. One event that often needs to catch up with the pack is car shows. While it’s good to have a great variety of cars on display, many people can get bored while waiting in line or wandering around because there just needs to be more going on. Here are six tips to help you make your car show fun for everyone.

1- Give Out Challenge Coins

In many car shows, there is only one way for a participant to win with a great performance of effort. Coins are inexpensive, making them easy enough to give out to everyone. Most cars in a car show often have a small area designated for displaying them, making it easy for people to line them up and make their decorating choices. Challenge coins have the bonus of looking great simply sitting on a table for people to behold. Ensure you distribute them with your business card so people can find you after the show.

2- Keep Your Show Local

Car shows in certain areas are worth a lot more than they might be in other places. For example, there are only so many truly interesting car shows in the desert, where most of the region is sand. You’re better off taking your cars to a show in Los Angeles or San Francisco, where you can display them for genuinely interested people. You want to ensure attendees know about vehicles with little to do with their region or lifestyle.

3- Give Back to Your Community

Even if your car show is only for fun and offers no prizes, you can still make it a successful event. Host a food drive for the local homeless, or raise money for charity. People will be just as interested in seeing what you’re doing as they are in admiring the cars on display.

4- Get Creative with Your Event

Instead of just having people look at cars, have them look at them and drive them. In many places, setting up a small track for kids and adults to take their favorite cars around is legal. For the adults, make sure there are plenty of refreshments available. You can rent out public roads or even a parking lot to put on a bigger event.

5- Advertising Like Crazy

The biggest mistake people make with car shows is to advertise them more. All your friends might be able to come out to one, but what about all the other people you want to see your work? Make sure you put up as many signs as possible so that people can find you, and get on social media to let more people know.

6- Pick a Date that Works

You want to take your time with the setup and cleanup of your car show, so make sure you pick a date that’s not too close to another event. You also want to avoid competing with a holiday weekend or other popular time of year. Back-to-school weeks are far more popular in some places than the summer months when most people have time off from work. Also, Sundays are often a good day to hold a car show since they’re the final day of the work week.

Car shows can be fun for everyone if you do them right. The best way to do them is often quite different from how most people do it. You can make the best of the problem by getting creative with how you run your show.

Author: Full Editorial