7 Best Ford Car Models of All Time


Ford is one of the most recognizable car companies in the entire world.

Founded way back in 1903 by Henry Ford, the company has had almost 120 years of success.

Having navigated world wars and global recessions, the company has grown into a behemoth of the automotive industry, generating around $160 billion in revenue every year.  

As you can tell, Ford’s is a long, proud, and prestigious history. Indeed, few other car companies boast the same automotive pedigree. This got us thinking:

What are the best ford cars of all time? Of course, with well over a century of car manufacturing to its name, there’s quite a few to choose from. Nonetheless, we’ve done our best to narrow the long list down to 7 of our favorites.

Are you a Ford fanatic looking to take a stroll down memory lane? Keep reading to learn all about 7 of the best cars Ford has ever made.

1. The Model T

You can’t compile a list of best Ford cars without including the Model T.

This is the car that put Ford on the map, and brought automobiles to the masses. The Model T wasn’t the first car ever made, but it was the first affordable one!

The mass-production techniques utilized in its construction meant the average middle-class family could afford one. In one fell swoop, Henry Ford revolutionized transport for the common person.

Now, his Model T wouldn’t necessarily win any awards for speed, safety, or quality control! But, for its impact on the automotive industry, it would be sacrilege not to give it a mention.

2. The Mustang

The Ford Mustang is one of the most well-known cars in the entire world.

More than a car, it’s become a brand — a symbol of power, muscle and beauty that’s unmatched by other vehicles. The Ford Mustang history is one of prestige and popularity that started at its conception in the 1960s.

It’s impossible to look at the Mustang’s extended hood without feeling a dose of excitement. Aesthetics meet functionality in what’s an extraordinarily fun, powerful, yet manageable ride.

Without a doubt, the Mustang has staked its claim in history as one of the best Ford cars of all time.

3. The Taurus

The Ford Taurus earns its place on this list for an entirely different reason.

It boasts none of the history of the Model T, or the brute force and beauty of the Mustang. Instead, the Taurus is famous as one of the most ubiquitous American cars of all time.

At a time when the American car market was struggling to compete with foreign alternatives, the Taurus saved Ford’s bacon.

It’s hardly the best-looking, highest-performing, or most exciting car of all time.

However, its novel design and features appealed to the masses at the time of its conception. People purchased it in droves, turning it into one of America’s best-selling cars of all time.

4. The Thunderbird

Back to the beautiful.

Ford definitely hit the mark with the original Thunderbird. It’s just another example of a stunning-looking car from Ford. The lines, the curves; the understated grill with the popped headlights…Does it get any better?!

Branded by Ford as a ‘personal car’, the Thunderbird came to symbolize the dreamy nature of 1960s America. Championed by contemporary pop idols like the Beach Boys, the Thunderbird was a cool, sexy, and unforgettable ode to the laidback vibes of the time.

5. The GT40

Cars don’t get much more ‘classic’ than the GT40.

Forget the best Ford cars ever made for a moment. This incredible vehicle has written itself into the history books as one of the best cars of all time. Full stop!

Produced in 1964, the GT40 was Ford’s answer to Ferrari’s dominance on the race circuit. Fitted with the Mk II engine, it became iconic in its 4 victories at Le Mans between 1966 and 69.

In overthrowing Ferrari, the GT40 became the usurper of racing and took the world by storm.

6. The Escort

This list would be altogether unworthy of its name without mentioning the Ford Escort.

Okay, so the Escort didn’t shake up the automobile world quite like the GT40. Nor did it possess any of its mystique, power, or flashy looks. In fact, the Escort is about as far from the GT40 as you can get…

However, somehow, it’s still a classic.

A bit like the Taurus, the Escort was once ubiquitous. This comfortable and fuel-efficient family car was once a favorite of families across America. It was a reliable addition to the driveway and was sold millions of times for its widely-valued attributes.

7. The 1932 V-8

The 1932 Ford V-8 is one of the most iconic cars on this list.

A classic hot-rod, this was the very first V-8 to be accessible to the mass-market. Suddenly, the average person had access to serious power! Okay, so it may only have been 65 horsepower, but this was a different time!

65 horsepower was a sensation. Place all of that newfound power in a suave and stylish chassis and you have yourself a winner.

The 1932 V-8 represented another revolution in the automobile industry, courtesy of Ford. Cars were no longer just about getting from A to B. All of a sudden, the manner of the journey made a difference.

The Best Ford Cars of All Time

Ford has been around for well over a century now.

These days, Ford is a giant of the industry, selling millions of vehicles worldwide and generating tens of billions of dollars in revenue.

Ever since Henry Ford first changed the course of automotive history with his Model T, this company has continued to develop world-leading automobiles.

As we’ve seen, many of the most iconic cars ever-made came from Ford. From popular family cars to lightning-fast racing cars, this automotive behemoth continues to create vehicles for every audience and walk of life.

Hopefully, this post has highlighted a selection of the best Ford cars of all time.

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7 Best Ford Car Models of All Time