5 of the Best Car Shipping Companies You Should Know


The entire freight industry is experiencing a capacity crunch. The auto transport sector of the industry isn’t immune to this crunch. The vehicle shipping market in the US is $11.8 billion, and it’s severely lacking in drivers. 

This can make it tempting just to hire any available service. But this isn’t the smartest course of action. Instead, you need to look for the best car shipping companies. 

We have created this list of the five best car transport companies to help you get started. 

1. Montway Auto Transport 

You have plenty of options when it comes to shipping with Montway. They give you the ability to choose how you get your quote, how you track your shipment, and how you pay for your shipment. 

For the most convenience, you can get an instant quote online for one or multiple cars. They can provide you with full-service transport from door to door. 

2. AmeriFreight 

One thing you’ll notice when looking for a car shipping company is that the reviews tend to be more on the negative than the positive side. While this is an industry trend, AmeriFreight stands out with a positive reputation. 

They strive to make the shipping process easier by clearly stating what their discounts are. Then they have an online calculator to quote your rate. 

When your car is delivered, you have a full 48 hours to inspect your vehicle. This is rare. 

3. Sherpa Auto Transport 

It can be frustrating to try and quote your vehicle shipment when the rates keep changing. You want to shop around, but how can you when companies raise the price at the last minute? 

Sherpa offers a Price Lock Promise that will allow you to lock in the rate Sherpa quotes you. This enables you to plan and budget for your shipment. 

4. Ship a Car Direct 

Is your car your prized baby that you would sooner chop off your arm than see it get damaged? Then Ship a Car Direct offers a service that will make you very happy. 

All auto transport companies offer insurance and protection against damages. But you get a little something extra with this company. Enjoy their “Damage Free Guarantee”. 

5. Mercury Auto Transport 

If you have a truck to transport, then you have a unique challenge on your hands. Trucks are usually the vehicle hauling things, not getting hauled themselves. 

Mercury Auto Transport understands the challenges of truck transportation and can help walk you through the process. They can explain any potential oversize or overweight fees. 

Depending on the size of your truck, they can help you determine the best method for transport. This could be a standard open-air trailer, enclosed trailer, or dedicated flatbed.

Choose From the Best Car Shipping Companies 

If you need to ship a car, you’ll want to make sure you pick one of the best companies. This will ensure that your vehicle gets transported on time and safely. 

Compare the best car shipping companies we’ve listed here. Consider several factors, including price, customer service, shipping method, and transit times. 

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5 of the Best Car Shipping Companies You Should Know