7 Car Renting Tips You Should Remember When in a Foreign Country

There are few better ways to spend a few days off work than by traveling to multiple exotic new foreign destinations to see more of the world. You’ll gain exposure to new cultures, languages, and cuisines that you may have never interacted with before.

The best way to explore a country that you land on is to rent a car and see the sights for yourself. That way, you’re not dependent on anyone but yourself for transport.

Use these renting tips to make the best out of your car rental situation in any foreign country.

1. Know Foreign Driver’s License Requirements

The first thing you need to know is what the requirements to rent a car and drive it are in the country that you are going to be visiting. No rental car company will rent a car out to someone who doesn’t have licensing according to the laws of the land.

Generally speaking, most English-speaking countries will allow you to drive on your license from your home. Other countries, however, may only allow you to drive on that license for a limited period of time, or they may require that you get some kind of temporary license from the country. Check online for the details in each country you plan to visit.

2. Get an International Driver’s License

Getting an international driver’s permit is the way to go if you don’t want to deal with the hassle and potential problems of having just a foreign license in a new country. You have to apply online to get this permit before you leave your home country.

3. Use a Credit Card

Most rental car companies will only allow you to use a credit card to rent the car, in case they have to charge you for incidentals. Be sure you have a working credit card to access car rentals, and also be sure that the card has foreign transactions enabled on it.

4. Check Your Auto and Travel Insurance

Your auto insurance probably doesn’t include coverage for rentals from an international car company. If this is the case, then check on the travel insurance that you’ve purchased for your expedition. If this policy as well doesn’t include rental cars, then you’re probably going to have to purchase an additional policy from an insurance company that partners with the rental company.

5. Verify Border Crossing Permissions

If you’re skipping the cruises going to the Caribbean and instead are traveling to a destination like Europe, where multiple countries are within driving distance, then you need to verify permissions regarding border crossings before renting the car. If you’re looking to do some inter-country travel, make sure the rental car company is okay with that.

6. Verify Return Timings

The last thing that you want to happen is to go to return a rental car and then find out that the place is closed until the next day. Make sure you discuss return timings for your car upfront so that you know when and where you need to be to drop the car off.

7. Remember that Age Matters

Last but not least, remember that age matters. If you’re on the younger side (between 18-24), you may have trouble getting approved to rent a car. You may also have to pay a surcharge because of your younger age.

On the flip side, many rental car companies don’t rent vehicles to individuals over the age of 75. So be sure to call ahead and check on the company’s policy before visiting the location.

Use These Renting Tips When You Travel

There you have it — with these car renting tips under your belt, you’re all ready to make the most out of your trip.

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Author: Brandon Park