How To Get A Good Deal From Chrysler Dealers In NY

Chrysler vehicles are among the most powerful, stylish, and spacious cars you can buy; however, you need to know what to look out for to get a good deal from your dealer. For most, a lesser price means a good deal, but a reasonable price doesn’t mean much if the vehicle does not measure up in quality and value. How then do you ensure you get good deals when getting your Chrysler? 

If you are considering buying your Chrysler in New York, continue reading below for tips on how to get a good deal from Chrysler Dealers in New York.

8 Tips On How To Get A Good Deal From Chrysler Dealers In New York

  1. Do your Research:  Doing your research is one of the first steps to get a good deal on your Chrysler. It will help you avoid and detect faux marketing and unscrupulous companies looking for people to cheat. To evade fake dealers, search for your dealer’s business name on Better Business Bureau to ensure they are reputable and legitimate.

You can also check-up other prices in your area by using the build-up feature on the dealer’s or manufacturer’s website. If this is not available, you can look up consumer auto sites like Truecar.com to compare prices; this can give you an edge over negotiations.  

Don’t be in a rush to seal a deal, especially when you get a ‘too good to be true’ price; trust your instinct when making enquires and testing the car. A red flag is when the agent is avoiding questions or giving vague answers.

  1. Visit the Car Dealer: If it is possible, it is advisable to visit the dealer before you buy your Chrysler; that way, you are seeing the real thing and go also inspect the car yourself. In case you are wondering where to car dealers in New York, there are a lot of them available. However, as mentioned earlier, you will need to be careful to avoid disreputable dealers. Click here to see all kinds of Chrysler deals (New, Preowned, and Certifies) in New York.
  1. Request for CarFax: Requesting for a CarFAx can save you from a lot of headaches. A CarFAx presents you with a full report on the history of the car. The information you will get includes how many owners has the vehicle had and if the vehicle has been involved in an accident. Depending on the kind of information you get, it can help you negotiate a better price for the Chrysler or look for another option.

Getting a CArFax isn’t tricky at all, and it is also very affordable, go to CarFax, log in the vehicle identification number, and voila there you have it!

  1. Test Drive the Car: Whether you are buying a new or used Chrysler, it is advisable to take it for a test drive to see how it feels. However, test driving is more necessary for pre-owned cars; you can drive the vehicle on a route where you can effectively evaluate the working condition. When test driving pre-owned cars, pay close attention to internal noise, comfort, visibility, engine sound, sound system, and effectiveness of the car’s shock absorbers and brakes.
  1. Carry Out a Pre-Purchase Inspection: After test driving, you might still need to do a full inspection, especially if you are buying a preowned Chrysler, before finally sealing the deal. You need a mechanic to do an inspection, plus using a mechanic also assures you that the car will be inspected thoroughly.

Some dealers might initially give you trouble about inspection, but they should buckle if you insist. However, if the Chrysler carries a Certified Preowned Program (CPO), then you might not need a full inspection after all. A CPO usually includes an extended factory warranty, plus it also means the car has been thoroughly inspected.

  1. Buy at a Good Time: this might sound ridiculous, but yes, there is a right time to buy cars. Like most businesses, car dealers have monthly, quarterly, and goals to meet up with. So, buying on the last day of their monthly, quarterly, or yearly goals can land you the best deal ever. Therefore, the best days to buy your car will include December 31st, every last day of the month, March 31st (the last day of Q1), June 30th (last day of Q2), September 30th (last day of Q3).
  1. Explore Your Options: Be ready to explore other options so that you can get the best deal possible. It is advisable to compare prices that dealers are offering in your area before making your final decision.

Furthermore, never assume that you need to buy a used Chrysler to get a good deal. You can buy a new car and still get a fair deal if you negotiate well, that way you are sure that you are starting on an entirely new note, without fear of existing damages.

  1. Learn the Art of Negotiating: Knowing how to negotiate could help you get a good deal. Use the information gathered during your research to settle for the best price. Make sure you ask for the manufacturer’s discounts and also insist on an additional discount from the dealer.

When negotiating offer your price, instead of asking how much the dealer can offer you. However, before you state a price, make sure that you have done your research to have an idea of the estimated cost.


Buying a Chrysler in New York can be stressful and time-consuming, and it is even worse when you don’t know how to get good deals from dealers. However, with the above tips, you can easily navigate the rough waters of New York City and get the best deals available.


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How To Get A Good Deal From Chrysler Dealers In NY