7 Hacks To Turn Your Car Into a Camper in 2021

Let’s greet all the adventurers who are willing to travel in 2021. If you are one of them, you must be familiar with the costs of an actual one-week-trip. 

To begin with, the fuel and the food already dive deep into your pockets, to mention only the basics. Then come the sleeping arrangements.

Given that driving at night is the best way to “kill” all the miles to your destination, sleeping at hotels might postpone your being on point from early in the morning.

Some look for a place to camp, but that can sometimes be a daunting task since it ties you to a particular place and can lead you off your primary course.

This leaves us with a couple of options that would make your trip a success. You could stay with friends, but that would require a lot of planning, assuming you have friends at those specific locations. You could get a trailer, but what if you reach a steep road of a mountain?

All this leads us to an option that will combat all the obstacles – turn your car into a camper!

Here Are 7 Hacks on Turning Your Car Into a Camper


Here are some of the best ideas on how to turn your car into a five-star hotel.

  1. Get a roof top tent for your car – a roof top tent is ideal for summer trips and people who are familiar with the best free camping locations where you can park your car overnight;
  2. Remove the back seats – if you want to sleep inside the car, do this. For removing the back seats, you may seek professional help. After removing, clean the inside of the car and place a sleeping platform where the back seats were (this can be a bed extension that you can flip up);
  3. Get window screens – if you have decided to sleep in your car, you might as well think about your privacy. Place window screens on all the windows from the sides, and ensure sun protection as well as secrecy;
  4. Fashion a slab of wood for dining – this is easy to store in your trunk and can serve as a trunk extension so that your eating-on-the-go doesn’t have to mean eating in the car or sitting next to the car. With this kind of improvisation of a table, you’ll feel saved;
  5. Carry a portable stove – a gas or a charcoal grill is a way for you to cook your food, avoid fast food from drive-ins and enjoy the healthy food you prepare yourself. These mini grills don’t even take up much space;
  6. Buy a small cooler – since you will carry your food, you need to make sure it won’t go bad. Keep it in a portable small car cooler that you can plug into the cigarette lighter of your car;
  7. Get categorized bins – to avoid big suitcases that are hard to fit into your new camper, opt for small plastic bins where you can categorize all you decide to carry on your trip;

Obstacles You May Face With a Camper on the Road


Now that you have fashioned yourself an excellent portable hotel in the form of a camper, we have to get prepared for the possible obstacles.

Namely, parking your camper may not be that easy at all times. It would be best if you had a quiet and safe place for your rest at nighttime and therefore you need good preparation on how to find these.

If you stop in the city, parking spaces provided by big markets are a great option. If you stop in the “wild,” make sure you are not on steep ground and get well informed about that area’s wildlife beforehand. Always carry a net for mosquitoes and bugs.

The Perks of Campers


  • Mobility – you are not bound to a hotel or a camping site. You can travel at nighttime and park anywhere along the way to rest. Just look for an RV park, affordable campgrounds, or big free parking spaces of supermarkets;
  • Privacy – you need not communicate to anyone or meet people, as in hotel lobbies or during breakfast in the canteen. The only people that may “disturb” you and talk to you can be policemen checking if you might need help;
  • Affordability – you can bring food along to cook on your portable stove and save a bunch of money you would otherwise spend on fast food. Also, you don’t have to pay for a place to sleep, since your car is now your camper, unless at campgrounds;

The only thing you have to think about is mileage. But this is something you can plan ahead and prepare yourself for the amount of fuel you will need.


When you are looking to cover a lot of different ground on short notice, your first task should be to figure out a way to create compatible sleeping arrangements that would save you money and be easy-to-reach.

As we have pointed out above, the best solution for you is to turn your car into a camper and adventure away.

We hope we helped. Camp and enjoy!



Author: Doug