7 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Vehicle Speakers

Did you know that the size of the aftermarket car audio industry is valued at 4.5 billion dollars annually and is expected to grow by 6.5 percent year on year for the foreseeable future?

This trend shows how popular car audio is and how much it can affect the motor industry. Are you ready for a concert every time you leave the house? Read on below for seven practical tips for choosing the perfect vehicle speakers!

1) New Car Speaker Size And Configuration

Before you shop for new speakers, find out what kind of speakers your car already has. One option is to remove them and measure them to get an exact size so you know what size will fit straight in.

If that doesn´t work many aftermarket shops sell various size speakers that are all configured for a specific size vehicle like they do at Big Jeff Audio Rockford Fosgate which will make your shopping much easier.

2) Power Handling

The speakers need to handle the power load of the head unit and external amplifier. Power handling is the amount of energy, measures in watts, that speakers can deliver without extorting the sound too much. 

It’s important to know what watts it can handle because you don´t want the sound to crackle too much and cause other problems within the speakers in the process.

3) Vehicle Speakers Build Quality

Many speakers are made with low-quality materials that degrade over time. When replacing your speakers make sure you do your homework on those speakers and find out about the build quality. 

Most high-quality brands with good reputations will cost slightly more but will give you peace of mind in the long run.

4) Speaker Sensitivity

Sensitivity refers to how much power the speakers require to put out a given volume level. The higher the sensitivity, the less power is required to get to that volume level.

5) Component Speaker

If sound quality is the most important factor for you then a component speaker is the one you want to buy. Component speakers provide better quality but are more expensive and aren´t always built with OEM specifications in mind.

6) Coaxial Speakers

A Coaxial speaker is less expensive than a component speaker and can usually replace the OEM speaker without any modifications taking place. If you are on a budget with your audio build then coaxial speakers are what you should be looking at.

7) Filling Out Your System

While it´s great to merely replace your OEM speakers, you can also add a few more speakers if you so wish. Standard amplifiers put in vehicles can usually handle more speakers than what is currently in the vehicle. Worth looking into to enhance your sound further.

Music Is Good For The Soul

While music is good for the soul, speakers are what deliver the sound to it. Choosing a good solid set of speakers for your vehicle shouldn´t be a daunting task and with some research, you can find exactly what you looking for!

Are you looking for a sound system? Want to upgrade your existing system? Then get in touch today and let our team of professionals do the hard work for you.

Author: Brandon Park