A Dog Owner’s Guide to Safely Driving Your Pup Around Town

A Dog Owner's Guide to Safely Driving Your Pup Around Town

Dogs have somehow become synonymous with sticking their heads out windows with their tongues out, and it makes sense. A car ride with your pet can be a fun bonding experience for both of you, but it’s important to take a few safety precautions to best ensure your dog’s safety.

1. Keep Them in the Back Seat

It is ultimately safer for you and your dog if they stay in the back seat during a drive. If they are in the front seat, all sorts of hazards such as them accidentally falling near the pedals or steering wheel could occur. If your dog is right next to you, they could also provide a substantial distraction while driving. With your dog in the back seat, they can enjoy the ride with room to roam and settle down.

2. Always Use a Dog Harness

Using a dog harness versus a leash is beneficial during a car ride for more than one reason. Firstly, a harness is easier to handle if you need to maneuver your dog in a situation that they are in the way. Harnesses are easier to clip a leash to than a collar and, lastly, if there were some sort of accident, a harness wouldn’t put as much strain on your dog; a collar could strain their neck and potentially harm your animal.

3. Keep the Windows Rolled Up!

Your canine might be disappointed, but if your dog has their head out of the window, hazards such as dust or bugs (which could cause irritation for your pup) could collide with them, and worse yet, larger debris could potentially seriously harm your dog. It’s cute to see them stick their heads out of windows, but the risks aren’t exactly worth the cute.

4. Click It (Or Ticket?)

You know to keep your seatbelt fastened, but have you considered securing your pooch? There are a variety of canine seatbelts available that will keep your dog secure and safe during a car ride. They attach to your dog’s harness and can keep them from potentially hopping out the car door from excitement.

5. Never Leave Your Dog in the Car Too Long

This should be a given, especially if it’s hot out, but even an extended car ride isn’t. great for your dog. They can become restless, anxious, and their mood can be greatly affected by the sort of strain travel can cause. Make time to take breaks, stretch together, let your dog use the restroom outdoors (rather than in your car), and you should be a-ok to resume traveling.

Taking your dog traveling (or just for a ride in the car) can be a rewarding experience for you and them, but taking necessary precautions is crucial to keep your dog healthy and safe. Keep a harness handy, maybe invest in a canine seatbelt, keep them in the backseat with windows rolled up, and you’ll be all set for a peaceful and safe ride!

Author: Mike