A Quick Guide to Proper Car Paint Protection

There’s a reason why 86% of Americans believe that a car is a necessity. Most of us rely on these vehicles to get to work, school, and other places. However, for some people, a car is more than just a mode of transportation.

It’s a work of art that should be protected. If you fall in this category, then you’re likely wondering to best to protect your car’s paint.

That’s why we made this article. In it, we’ll go over everything you need to know about car paint protection. Let’s get started!

Keep It Out of the Sun

You might think that small rocks or similar debris are the biggest threats to your vehicle paint. However, the real threat is right above your head. Over time the UV rays from the sun will damage your car paint.

When this happens small pores begin to open up the clear coat. When this happens dirt and other types of debris can get into them.

This damages the paint even more. Your best bet is to stop the pores from happening at the source by keeping your car out of the sun when you can. Be mindful of where you park. Look for shaded spots.

Apply Cleaner Wax

Cleaner wax is applied directly after your car is washed. You can think of it kind of like a conditioner for car care.

It gives it a shine as well as some protection. However, it’s worth noting that wax typically isn’t enough on its own to protect your car paint.

Get Car Protection Film

If you’re serious about protecting your car paint, then you’re going to want to invest in a protective film. This is a barrier that protects against not only the sun but also road debris, weather conditions, and other scratchable threats.

Many people avoid protection film because they don’t the adhesives to leave marks behind.

But, this product provides all the protection of car film while remaining glueless. So, you don’t need any blemishes when you take them off.

Clear Off Containmenants Right Away

Bird droppings aren’t just a gross blemish on your car. They’re also acidic. That means they eat away at the paint on your car.

What’s worse when the sun is exposed to these contaminants it makes them even more damaging. So, clean them off the second you notice them. 

Enjoy Learning About Car Paint Protection? Keep Reading

We hope this article helped you learn more about car paint protection. As you can see, several products can preserve the life of your car paint. But, if you don’t also perform regular cleaning maintenance, then it might not matter.

So, make sure you routinely prioritize auto care. Did you find this article informative? We have plenty more just like it, so keep exploring to find them.

Author: Brandon Park