Apply Car Stickers like a Pro – Some Handy Tips

If you are not very mindful about that, you will be installing an attractive car sticker in a wrinkled, twisted manner, which will spoil the look and damage the car exterior. This article will discuss some tips and tricks for applying your car stickers with ease and professional perfection.

Always start with a clean surface

You have to thoroughly wash the area where you plan to affix the sticker using soap and water or rubbing alcohol mixture. If you can take a 50:50 water-alcohol solution, it is highly advisable. After cleaning with water, clean the area thoroughly until no residue is left out.

It is best to apply at moderate temperature

To ensure the best results, you should install the stickers in a shaded area to avoid direct sunlight. If possible, you may try to apply stickers when the environment temperature is about 50-degree Fahrenheit to 80-degree Fahrenheit.

Use masking tape

Masking tape will ensure that the sticker is positioned right where you want it to be. Leave a backing paper in place and face it to the surface to which you apply the sticker. You may also position the sticker where you want it to go and place masking tape alongside the sticker’s top edge. Then slowly remove the sticker as it is on the mark and peel off the backing paper slowly.

Use the wet installation method

You can easily apply the small decals without using water, but using the wet installation method is a lifesaver for large stickers. After thoroughly cleaning the surface area, wet the spot using a spray bottle and solution of about 5% soap and 95% water and apply the sticker while the site is still wet. The Soapy water may dry in a matter of minutes, and it will leave your sticker affixed well onto the surface.

Used transfer tape

Most of the stickers come in three layers:

  1. Transfer tape has a transparent upper layer that clings to the sticker’s non-adhesive side to hold the stick together.
  2. The sticker is the middle layer.
  1. The backing paper is at the unit’s bottom layer and clings onto the decal’s adhesive side.

Before applying the sticker, it is crucial to make sure that it is a sticker and the transfer tape affix firmly together. To ensure this, apply gentle pressure evenly across the transfer tape with the help of a squeeze or a solid plastic card. Doing this will ensure that the sticker is not coming off with the backing paper during the installation process. Also, after applying your car stickers, make sure that you leave the transfer tape in place at least for a couple of hours to a day before gently removing it.

You may need to leave the transfer tape on it during cold winter months, even for a longer period. To speed up the process, you can try to warm the application surface with a blow dryer on a low heat range.

Now, you know of the basics of applying stickers, but you may always seek professional assistance if you are not confident of doing it the right way.

Author: Doug