Why Cross Dock Is The Best Way To Transport Your Car

You just ordered your new car from the manufacturer. You saved diligently for many years to get to this point. And you’re now more than eager to jump behind the wheel of your new ride and let the world know you too are capable.

But further scrutiny of your order details reveal that it’ll take eight to twelve weeks to get your car. Mind you, these are the average delivery times for locally produced cars. You may have to wait even longer for international orders.

Perhaps a cross dock is your savior in such scenarios.

What Is A Cross Dock?

A cross dock essentially involves unloading goods from an inbound truck and directly loading them onto an outbound truck for the journey to proceed. You notice that the goods in question don’t spend any time in a warehouse, as is common in docking terminals. 

This fact alone forms the basis of the many benefits of cross docking compared to traditional methods of transportation involving warehousing. 

And it’s for this reason that many transportation companies are adding the cross dock option to their services. For an instance, you can check service companies that provide cross dock services like Cargo County cross dock services to reduce the time it takes to order goods on the road, water, or air.

trucks are loaded in a modern logistics center

Here’s why you should consider cross docking when transporting your car:

1. Cross Docking Saves Time

Let this serve as an emphasis on the time-saving aspect of cross docks. By eliminating the warehousing stage, your ordered goods spend less time on the road. And it goes without saying: faster delivery times is a key component of customer satisfaction.

Thus, transporting your car using a cross dock service provider should be your go-to option. That way, you’ll be free from the usual anxiety that attacks many people when their goods spend unnecessarily long times on transit.

2. Reduces Prices

Operating a warehouse comes with many operational costs. The two major costs are rent for warehouse space and salaries for warehouse staff. These costs are reflected in the final prices of goods.

With a reliable cross dock service, the need for warehousing is entirely eliminated. This means the price of your car can be more budget-friendly than it would have been with traditional transportation methods involving warehousing.

3. Reduces Risk Of Damage

The more the handling your car is subjected to, the more the risk of damage. Offloading a car from one truck, moving it to the warehouse using forklifts, and then loading it onto another truck is enough to damage your car’s exterior finish and fittings. 

In fact, a great deal of damage for goods in transit occurs during the handling process, and not when the goods are being transported.

The risk of damage is even more heightened by the fact that not all workers involved in handling your car exercise that much-needed extra care.

With cross docking, physical handling of your car is reduced, thereby reducing the risk of damage. A docking terminal is equipped with machines and robots to do the sorting of goods. At least these can be trusted to handle goods more precisely and reduce the risk of damage.

Car carrier of Truck series. New autos coming.

4. Cross Docking Is More Environmentally Friendly

One reason for cross docking is to sort goods and combine those going to a similar destination. There’s no need to have your car solely transported for hundreds of miles in a big trailer with a lot of empty space. This significantly increases the carbon footprint on the environment due to harmful gases released by burning fossil fuels.

With cross docking, your car can safely be transported together with other cars whose destinations are in close proximity to yours. That would be so mindful of you in terms of environmental conservation.

5. Better Consolidation When Transporting Car Parts

In some instances, your dream car doesn’t necessarily arrive as a one good. You can import different auto parts from different manufacturers with the intention of assembling them into one functioning unit.

With cross docking, goods from different suppliers can be consolidated into one truck or trailer for easier transportation to the final destination. This way, you only have one shipment to track. And life couldn’t get easier and more worry-free than that.

In A Nutshell

Transporting your car using a cross dock is beneficial in more ways than one. It saves you time and money, reduces the risk of damage, and also rids you of anxiety. Furthermore, it’s an environmentally friendly option. Choose a reliable cross dock service provider now and experience the magic!

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Why Cross Dock Is The Best Way To Transport Your Car