Work Apps Helping to Improve saftey

Most employers tell their employees to put away their phone when working as it can be a distraction and take away from the productivity of their job.

But employees will most likely be doing the exact opposite in the near future as there are several apps coming out that are improving both safety and productivity to workers in a variety of different jobs. In this article we’ll explorer a few different apps that you may consider useful to both the worker and their bosses and how they will make life easier for both.

Temperature work safety app

Temperature plays a major role on the health and safety of workers especially for occupations that work outside in changing weather conditions.

This application focuses on the safety of workers when the mercury starts to rise and heat starts to become a factor that may cause workers to fatigue more easily or even suffer from health risks such as heat exhaustion.

The app gives warnings and notifications to both the people in charge and workers of possible risks that may arise when it starts to heat up to make sure the workers have the right safety gear on and to remind them to also drink plenty of water/ keep their fluids up and take regular breaks or rest etc.

Improving Ladder Safety

Whenever you work at heights there is always a risk of falling and therefore causing injury to yourself and or others.

What if there was a way to mitigate risk when working with ladders on the job site, well now there is. The ladder safety app can help to reduce injuries and risks of falling. Ladders are supposed to be set up at angle at a ratio at one to four for optimal stability. But calculating this angle is not always easy. The angle may vary too depending on the terrain that the ladder is set up on. This app helps to give you the correct set up for the ladder by taking in external information about how the ladder is set up and displaying the information on the screen of your phone. If the ladder is set up at an angle that is too steep or show it will notify the user with sounds too and give the user information to set the ladder up in a more correct position.

First Aid Application

Improving first aid is always a top priority on job sites and in workplaces in general. First aid kits should be present on job sites and be easily accessible in case of an injury so that the correct medical help is there for the person or people who are injured.

This app allows you to have many of the procedures and steps needed for some emergencies at your fingertips or in your pocket.

Common injuries such as people who have been cut and are bleeding badly require immediate care and first aid. The first aid app allows you to quickly look up how to manage injuries such as these with the correct necessary steps in the correct order. Apply pressure to the wound with whatever is available to the slow the flow of blood. If the bleeding is severe call the emergency number as soon as possible or get someone else to do it. Keep pressure on the wound to maintain too much lose of blood until the proper help arrives.

Having these correct steps on your phone can help a lot as people quite often forget what to do when an emergency situation like this occurs.

These apps may help save the life of one of your employees or one of your coworkers. Consider adding these apps next time you’re in the app store to improve both safety and productivity on the jobsite or workplace.


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Work Apps Helping to Improve saftey