GPSWOX: keep track of the ones you love

You might know the feeling: your daughter is out all night, your son is on his way to school or you haven’t heard from your husband in a while. Don’t you wish you could just track them? Wouldn’t it be great if there was an app which would give you the exact current location of your loved ones? Fortunately, there is! GPSWOX has launched a reliable GPS tracking app for smartphones, which will give you an overview of your family’s whereabouts.

This app, which is also called GPSWOX, can connect to other smartphones or to watches or bracelets with a GPS device. The user of the app can locate these GPS devices through the software on his or her smartphone. This way, it is very easy to track your loved ones. You’ll never have to worry about their whereabouts anymore!

The GPS tracker app comes with an extra feature: it can give an alert when one of the GPS devices it is tracking leaves a certain place or is arriving at a certain place. This way you’ll know immediately when your children have left their school and are on their way home, for example. Or when they have reached a place or part of town that is out of boundaries for them.

Moreover, in case of emergency, the wearers of the GPS devices can send an emergency signal to the app with one press of a button. You’ll know immediately when a family member is in trouble and needs help. Nobody getting lost anymore. Never having to worry about your children going with strangers or being kidnapped. Since you always know the location of your loved ones, you can easily find them when you worry about them, for example when they do not respond to your calls or messages. You can also inform the police or other authorities about the last known location. And this is the exact location, with GPS coordinates.

Your kids going on holiday for the first time? Your wife going to the sun with some friends? Even if you have to stay behind, you can stay updates about their whereabouts via the app. There might not always be wifi. There might not always be time to keep you updates. But there is almost always a GPS signal. This will bring your mind at ease. Moreover, it will make you also part of the trip.

A GPS tracker is not only useful when you have kids. It is also really easy when you keep losing your phone. Or to keep track of a (bachelor) friend that is making a trip around the world. Also for people with (starting) Alzheimer or dementia, it is a great solution. You can easily keep track of your elderly family members. Now you don’t have to worry anymore about them wandering of or getting lost. And if they do, you’ll locate them in no time! Also for elderly people without Alzheimer or dementia it might be a great solution to wear a GPS tracker with a distress button. It will help them stay in their own home longer. If something happens, they can always ‘beep you up’!

For more reasons to install the family locator app, please see https://www.gpswox.com/en/gps-trackers-shop/all/family-locator-67. The GPSWOX family tracker app is also in the top 5 family locator apps of 2017! Check https://www.gpstrackingjournal.com/mobile-tracking-apps/top-5-family-locator-apps-in-2017/.

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GPSWOX: keep track of the ones you love