Avoid These Mistakes When Shipping Your Car

When you’re looking to transport your vehicle, there are many New York to Florida auto transport corporations to choose from. They all serve the same purpose, but there are key differences in service quality. So, you must watch out for the following mistakes if you intend to ship your car.

Hiring the wrong car shipping company

Hiring a car shipping company can make interstate vehicle transportation a lot easier, faster, and convenient for you. The right auto transporter must have well-trained experts and sufficient resources to handle and transport your car with utmost care to your preferred destination.

The number of car transporters has increased in the past few years. On the one hand, this is good news because vehicle buyers and sellers have numerous options to choose from. However, the large number of auto transporters is also a challenge because you will have to compare many options. To be sure that you’re choosing the right company that can ship a car from CA to FL, do extensive research.

First, determine the type of car shipping company you want to collaborate with. Do you need a car carrier, lead provider, or auto-shipping broker? Does the company provide legitimate services? Is your vehicle covered in case it sustains mechanical damage during transportation? What’s the cost of auto transportation? These are some of the questions that can help you figure out the right car transport company to hire.

Improper car preparation

The key to successful car shipment is preparation. As long as you make the right arrangements and follow the shipment company’s recommendations, you’ll be in a better position to handle all eventualities effectively.

One of the typical conflicts when transporting a vehicle occurs when the recipient points out damages. Suppose you had not documented any form of pre-existing damage before shipping the car. In that case, there is no way you will prove that the transportation company was responsible for the damages that may have occurred during transit.

By cleaning your car, meticulously checking it for damage, and documenting the current state of the car, both interior and exterior, you will have clarity about a car’s condition before shipping and what’s expected during delivery.

Inaccurate documents

There are many files you must fill in to ship from one state to another, and your VA to CA shippers will provide or ask you to provide these documents. Some of these documents include vehicle registration documents, insurance information, and the bill of lading. Ensure you have all necessary documents ready before you start the process of getting your car shipped. Be sure to read and sign the inspection report. Without a signature, you will not be able to file a claim.


When it comes to shipping a car from one state to another, you need to invest time and other necessary resources into planning out and organizing the entire car shipment process. Otherwise, you risk getting your car damaged during transportation, delays, and extra expenses. The important thing is to avoid the mistakes discussed above.

Author: Doug