Best Car Wax

Giving your car the love it deserves goes a long way in ensuring that you get the most out of your investment. However, for most owners, this is typically limited to transmission, suspension, and engine maintenance, with the exterior protection taking a backseat.  Apart from the occasional visit to the car wash, you can achieve a lot by investing in the best car wax. The best car wax delivers a range of benefits that goes beyond the sparkly looks. Among such benefits includes;

  • A layer of protection: Waxing your car makes it more impervious to scratches and chips to the paintwork. From dirt to the smallest debris and pebbles, your car’s exteriors could deteriorate within no time, environmental factors that waxing addresses.
  • Ease cleaning: Cleaning your car can be a hectic process, especially if dirt accumulates on the paint layer. Waxing alleviates such hassles as the substances stick to the wax, not the paint, making it easier to clean.
  • Mask the scratches: While waxing won’t eliminate scratches on your car’s paintwork, it diminishes their appearance. Scratches are among the most annoying defects that are readily visible, and with the best car wax, you can lessen the damaging appearance.

The best car wax comes in handy as you strive to maintain your striking auto’s looks, and with regular waxing, you can improve its resale value should you consider putting it on sale. With all the products in the market, nonetheless, shopping for the best car wax might prove to be a challenging endeavor. Here is a look at the basic considerations to help you make an informed purchase.

Types of car wax

Natural wax

As the name suggests, this is car wax derived from natural ingredients, typically plants. The popular natural car wax comes from the carnauba palm tree grown in Brazil. While there are various grades, the wax attracts favor due to its deep shine and high protection levels. The option is especially a go-to for vintage car owners as it brings out the dark hues well, easing the maintenance of the striking looks. Although natural wax offers superior protection, it requires regular reapplication as it tends to wear off faster than its synthetic counterpart.

Synthetic wax

Unlike natural car wax, synthetic wax, also referred to as paint sealant, is made from chemicals that bond with the paint. Synthetic wax tends to last longer, and depending on the weather conditions, it could serve you for a year. Its affordability, ease of application, and the immediate effect are among its winning points, especially for every-day drivers. The downside with synthetic options is that you won’t get the same glossy shine as natural wax delivers.

While shopping for the best car wax, you also need to consider its form and how it would affect your application process. For instance, if you are looking for quick waxing on the go, then the best car wax choice would be the spray wax. If paint protection is your primary goal, then you are better off with paste wax, with liquid wax being an ideal match if you are looking for a smoother and long-lasting effect. You could also opt for rubbing compound car wax, especially if your vehicle is quite old as it covers imperfections giving you striking looks.

Shopping for the best car wax might not be a walk in the park, but with its numerous benefits, it is worth every moment spent.

Author: Doug