Do You Need a Private Driver? – What Are the Pros and Cons?

Having someone who is able to pick you up at any time and provide decent service is every person’s wish. A good driver with proper skills is always hard to find. There is not a straightforward answer to the question of whether you need a private driver or not. Everything has its drawbacks as well as disadvantages, and in this article, we will thoroughly discuss both of them.



Not only private drivers can take you anywhere you want, but they also take care of your security. Most of such drivers are well-trained and good at protecting their clients. Road rages erupt all the time. You might be a victim of misunderstanding and having someone alongside who will take care of your safety is a big plus.


No matter how long you have been driving a car, someone with experience is always a better choice. They know places better, know how to drive in difficult situations better. Experience can be useful in numerous circumstances. 


Usually, good private drivers are never late for events. They will take you exactly on time. This was the case in Canada, one of the most advanced countries in the world. We all know how Forex trading is prevalent in the country, and actually, minutes decide everything. People working for Canadian Forex companies found it hard to arrive at a working place on time. When the hired private drivers, the result was completely different – they managed to begin working on time, thus improving efficiency.



While having a private driver is indeed a good thing, it could cost you a lot of money. Most of the time experienced and decent private drivers might take $500 from you, and we are not talking about long periods here. They value the provided service; therefore the cost of driving is also high.


Private drivers are not available all the time. They have their own families and things to care of so when you are in need of something, you might find yourself in trouble. It is better to talk about the working hours beforehand, but still, complications persist.


People encounter cases when private drivers are not actually the ones you might think. They could be dangerous and unreliable. Some of them even took more money from clients than they should have. So you are not protected from such people.

“I should drive my car”

We encounter this phrase from people who are avid lovers of their cars. They simply do not want anyone to sit on the driver’s seat, but them. They think no one can ride their car better and you cannot really blame them.


So here comes the verdict of our article – should you take a private driver or not? Considering the pros and cons of the issue, it is desired to have one if you are not short on money. A good and reliable private driver will provide a decent service, as well as security which is pivotal nowadays.

Author: Doug