Bike Buying Guide: 3 Tips From Motorcycle Dealers

Transport is an essential aspect of everyday living. To move from one place to another, you’ll need certain means in order to successfully do so. You might need to commute by train or bus, or, if you want utmost convenience, you can also get yourself your own vehicle, such as a motorcycle. 

As a road user who prefers to ride a motorcycle for transportation purposes, are you looking to purchase one?  How will you go about this process?  This article will assist you by giving you expert tips straight from motorcycle dealers themselves. That said, here’s a bike buying guide that may come in handy as you browse through various dealerships: 

  1. Factor In Your Needs 

Different motorcycles work differently in similar conditions. The differences arise because each bike is built for a specific environment. Therefore, it’s important to identify your needs before heading out to make your purchase. 

One major aspect to consider is the terrain you plan on riding your motorcycle. A cruiser is an ideal choice if you’re a jack of all trades and use all types of roads. Choose an off-road bike if you plan on using dirt roads. Should you make the mistake of buying a bike and using it on the wrong terrain, you won’t experience an ideal performance from your investment.  

Your bike riding experience should also be a consideration. Some motorcycles, such as sports bikes, aren’t ideal for beginners. You’re likely to get into accidents due to their lightweight nature. Sport bikes are ideal for experts in motorcycle riding, with standard bikes being best for beginners.  

If you’re still having trouble deciding on the best bike to buy, you can also get helpful tips from Motorcycles DFW or any other dealer within proximity. They’ve been handling bikes for a long period and will advise you accordingly.  

  1. Consider Comfort 

Motorcycles come in different designs to meet different needs. With that variety, your deciding factor should be comfort. You want a design you’ll be comfortable riding, even for long distances, without negatively affecting your general physique.  

Some bikes allow you to sit upright, while others need you to lean forward. The seat and position of the bike’s handlebars usually determine your sitting position. Here, your choice should be based on the distance you expect to cover with your bike on a normal day. The lean-forward position isn’t ideal for long distances as you might strain your back, leading to health complications.  

The position of the motorcycle’s foot peg is the other aspect that determines comfort. Some are placed higher, others slightly forward, with some being low. Your physical height should be your determining factor. If you’re short, a higher foot peg is ideal for preventing the struggle as you ride your bike. The reverse applies if you’re tall.  

  1.  Find An Ideal Brand 

Like any other business, many companies manufacture motorcycles. Although the end product is the same, quality in terms of efficiency and performance differs. The difference arises from the possibility of each company using different raw materials and adopting different assembly techniques. Therefore, you must be wary of the bike brand you choose. But, how will you know the right brand to choose? 

Consider seeking referrals from family members and friends who ride your prospective bike. Your mentor bike rider could also guide you on the right type of bike for your needs. These parties are better placed to know several ideal brands you can choose from. However, you should note that you all have different needs, especially regarding comfort. Therefore, don’t blindly purchase a brand your relative is using. 

Also, different brands might have specialized in a given motorcycle type. For example, brand A’s main focus could be sport bikes, with brand B focusing on cruisers; make your choice factoring this as well. 

Alternatively, you can check reviews on various motorcycle brands. Be especially on the lookout for negative comments regarding a given brand. For example, several previous customers could be complaining about brand A’s bike durability. In this case, buying a bike from brand A might not be the most ideal. If you go ahead and make the same purchase, you’re likely to experience the same issues. 

As you buy a motorcycle based on brand, it’s important to consider the availability of spare parts. In the course of using the bike, it might need parts replaced. You want these parts to be readily available in your locality. Unavailability means you might put your bike in parking until you find the ideal spare part, or if you use the wrong spare part and end up with an inefficient bike. It also means you have to pay more for the spare parts, unlike what you’d have paid if they’re locally available. Basically, you ought to settle for a bike brand with spare parts readily available in your locality.  


Finding an ideal bike for your riding needs isn’t challenging. With the right guidance, as this article gives, the process becomes easier. Therefore, consider adopting the tips herein, and you’ll find the right motorcycle in no time.

Author: June McGown